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Constructing a Content-Friendly Web Solution

When starting a new website project, one of the most important early steps is to identify the star of the show. What will take center stage on your site? Will it be products, people, or a brand? In many cases, it's content - things like articles, images, videos, blogs, and interactive features. A ...

Adaptive Web Design | Responsive UX for Websites

How do I make my site mobile-friendly? The Difference Between Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive and Responsive Design Consumers use mobile devices every day, and these devices are continually changing as technology develops. When trying to keep up with the times, your company's website should be able to adapt to this continuous change. ...

Responsive Web Design | UX Tips for Websites

In the world of online marketing there are always new buzz words and best practices to learn about and explore. Newly introduced to the online marketing vernacular is the term responsive design. By definition, responsive design is: "A web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of ...