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Secure Hacked WordPress Sites

WordPress is the number one CMS in the world, accounting for over 30% all sites on the web. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the internet’s black-hat underworld. Hackers love to target WordPress because of its broad user base. We’ve spent a lot of time over the years fending off cyber attacks ...
Blayzer's Building

What’s New at Blayzer? Winter 2019-2020 Update

You're invited to the Blayzer & Phat Buddha holiday open house! Come mix and mingle with the Blayzer and Phat Buddha Productions crew (our Work Family!) in our newly-rehabbed spaces. We've been hard at work making improvements to our building, studios, and offices this fall. We can't wait to share the results ...
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Hacking Hurts

Many companies believe their website isn’t at risk of being hacked because they “don’t have anything worth taking”. However, many hackers aren’t looking to steal from your website; they simply want to re-purpose it for their own lucrative activities. This means there is no such thing as an invaluable website ...
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TAG Verification

More and more businesses place a significant amount of importance on going digital. A lot of time those efforts are out-sourced to an agency. But what is a small company supposed to do when they go to an agency and that agency isn’t what they said they were, breach their ...

Website Traffic Down? Here’s Why

You’ve developed what you believe is the perfect website. It's super functional, designed to a tee, and a prime online extension of your brand. But maybe your website traffic isn’t as high as you’d hoped. Or maybe it’s dropped in the last few months, and you just can’t figure out ...

How To Block Unwanted Email from Your Inbox

Unwanted emails are an unfortunate fact of life for professionals in 2016. For legitimate email marketers, unsolicited emails typically represent the first step of a genuine attempt to forge a business relationship. For seedy spammers, they're a way to deliver computer viruses, useless ads, and just plain JUNK.Whatever the source, we ...