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Why Stock Photos are Hurting Your Brand

When it comes to branding, standing out from the competition is one of the main goals, especially for new start-ups. In a digital world where users are constantly bombarded with advertising clutter, a lot of which looks similar, it can sometimes be difficult to catch their attention. You want to ...
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How Blayzer is Leading the Trucking Industry

We have worked with many trucking industries to redesign their website to attract more sales and more truck drivers along with creating and implementing marketing strategies that keep traffic coming to their site. We have gained expertise in understanding the logistics and trucking industries and it has allowed us to better ...
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Cliche? No Way! How to Make Your Website Stand Out

Anyone else feel like the web is getting a little bit boring these days? We’re growing tired of seeing the same layouts, imagery, and user experience over and over and over again. You might not notice (or mind) the pattern, but you can’t help noticing the outliers. As designers, this creates ...

Adaptive Web Design | Responsive UX for Websites

How do I make my site mobile-friendly? The Difference Between Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive and Responsive Design Consumers use mobile devices every day, and these devices are continually changing as technology develops. When trying to keep up with the times, your company's website should be able to adapt to this continuous change. ...