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The Importance Of Connection In Branding

With over five billion people and 91% of companies active on social media, word-of-mouth marketing is still a standard -- but now there’s a different set of rules.

A startling statistic reveals that people will spend five years and four months of their life on social media. This means personalization of your brand is more important than ever. It’s a simple equation: emotional connection leads to loyalty. So how do you turn a sales lead from a potential customer into a champion of your brand?

Start by building a robust digital marketing strategy to spread your brand message.

By doing this, you can create an individualized experience for your customer. The ultimate goal is for the customer to see you not as a salesperson pushing merchandise, but as someone who understands them. Harnessing the social platforms best suited to your brand allows you to create a voice that connects your product or service to the right audience. For example, if your business offers aesthetically pleasing results, an Instagram populated with pictures that showcase this is a great option. If you pride yourself on customer service, a Twitter account that reaches out to your consumer base will help solidify a bond of trust to your potential customers. (Bear in mind, not every social media platform is right for every brand!)

People may not always remember the product or service you sell, but they will remember how your brand makes them feel.

An emotionally connected customer has been proven to spend more money, be more loyal, and be more likely to recommend a brand to others they know.

But how do you make this happen?

While social marketing is important, first impressions start with configuring the right combination of color scheme, symmetry, fonts, and other important design elements on your website. These simple tactics are paramount in determining whether a customer stays on your site and looks around (potentially making a sale!) or bounces away to look elsewhere. Authenticity, trust, and transparency also come into play when developing how your brand makes people feel and can be a gateway to acquiring first-time consumers.

Figure out the needs and interests of your target audience.

What does your customer truly want? If you can answer that question and provide engaging, personalized content, you’ll discover that improved customer experiences increase sales conversions and create champions for your brand. Some examples include location-based content, a custom homepage, a personalized shopping cart, and customized email subject lines. Justuno is a terrific option which offers personalized onsite messaging to funnel an already interested consumer towards a more likely sale. These methods of communication lead to building an emotional connection with your audience and put the ultimate goal in sight: brand loyalty.

Your brand has a story to tell, so tell it in a way that consumers will listen.

An easy method to shift from a salesperson to someone your audience trusts is by utilizing storytelling. Your brand’s message can be expressed through content that’s rich with conversational copy, eye-catching images, and intriguing video. It’s also a great way to solidify your “voice,” which is just as important as cohesive brand standards like color and fonts. Phat Buddha Vision offers stunning video content for affordable prices — and video has been proven to convert to sales. In fact, 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a branded video.

Never stop marketing!

When you find yourself getting comfortable and your company seems to be smooth sailing, it’s the perfect time to think about giving your marketing strategy a refresh or update. It may seem counterintuitive — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong.

These days, the marketing landscape is constantly shifting and changing. As a brand, you should be, too. There are always new ways to connect your brand with potential customers, re-engage your current audience, and solidify that emotional consumer bond.

Let Blayzer Digital help develop your brand connection.

It may sound like a lot, but we at Blayzer Digital are experts in this area. We can build brand recognition, engage your audience, and convert potential customers to paying consumers. Contact us today to find out how we can help.