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Trust the Experts in Ecommerce Web Development

In the last few years, DIY projects and tasks have grown in popularity, thanks in part to Pinterest. But sometimes, you’re better off leaving certain jobs, and projects, to the professionals. Ecommerce web development is one of those times.

From plumbing and carpentry (for obvious reasons) to website design and web development, some projects need a professional’s expertise to get the exact results intended. One of Blayzer’s recent case studies shows that sometimes, even professionals need a specialist to help out with some projects.

A graphic design firm that we frequently partner with approached us with a request for one of their clients. They had all of the graphics and the user interface for the client’s website but needed our help to get the site working properly. The web development setup was far from simple; it needed construction from the ground up for the gigantic database and custom ecommerce functions on the site, as well as the new design. On top of these aspects, the client wanted a multi-site functionality added to the ecommerce development, enabling business partners to access and order from the database directly from their websites.

All in all, the website development ask was too much for a design firm and called for a more focused expertise.

That’s where Blayzer comes in.

The first order of business was to review the newly designed site and the client’s requests, and careful consideration led us to an open-source ecommerce solution recommendation. We then moved on to customizing the shopping process. After matching the look to our partner’s design, and formatting and importing the database, our team created a custom finder/builder system to help users customize and purchase the client’s products.

After this immense development, we needed to optimize the website for such a large database of products and options. Without proper hosting, a complex solution could slow a website to a near halt. We implemented a higher-end hosting package for 10x faster load times.

When Blayzer and our partner design firm finished, the client had a customized and fully functional website and ecommerce system. For more details on what we accomplished for this client, check out the full case study. For a FREE consultation of how Blayzer can help your web development, contact us.