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Twitter Wrap-Up February 27th, 2017

Hello again everyone and happy Friday!

Hopefully everyone is having a fairly productive week after Mardi Gras this past weekend. This weekend is supposed to be pretty nice out so hopefully you all can go out and have some fun. But as it turns out, some people had a little bit of  a rough week and it all has to do with “quality control.”

If you guys didn’t know, we had a little mishap at this years Academy Awards. “La La Land” was not the winner but instead of “Moonlight” getting the nod, the cards were mismanaged and everything just went to hell. People on twitter were going insane and some of the reactions were priceless. There is even a bunch of conspiracy theories on the internet so I’m sure you can find the actual “truth.”

Next up, some dude at Amazon with “chubby fingers syndrome” pretty much broke the internet. After just putting in one wrong character, that basically shut down the internet for a block of servers and also cost them roughly $150 MILLION dollars in that little time span.

This just goes to show that everyone, no matter the industry or size of the company or stage, that there are always “quality control” issues everyday. Before social media, people wouldn’t be so quick to point it out or even notice it quite frankly but because of the time we live in, you have to be absolutely sure before posting something.

Now let’s go into some quality marketing by Denny’s:

This is a very smart way for Denny’s to get into the “Meme game” if you ask me. A good amount of big brands have jumped on the “meme” or “trolling” bandwagon on social media. Just take a look over at Wendy’s Twitter see how much interaction they have seen. Now in this article they go over the specifics of how much of a jump Denny’s saw with just this one tweet and if other companies are paying attention, they should follow suite. But once again, always be sure of the type of meme you put out there on your professional or corporate pages. I may have said Wendy’s is doing a great job but they have taken some lumps along the way.

The next tweet is us, here at Blayzer and honestly between you and me, I’m freaking out.

In this very well and exceptional blog post, we discuss what the future of technology could have on the marketing industry. First, let me just say, Robots will take over in the future AND we possibly will be controlled by these devices.

BUT from a marketing standpoint, I think it would be pretty sweet. Just imagine being able to have continuing ads going on while people sleep. You will consistently be able to be in the heads of people. I am really trying not to sound like an evil mastermind but I think it could be a cool evolution for our industry.


Okay everyone, that is all I have for this week. If you have not already, sign-up for our Google Workshop on “National Pi Day” on March 14th. This event will take place at Industrious on Washington Avenue. There will be free food and a ton of valuable information! Comment and share and as always, have a wonderful weekend!