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Twitter Wrap-Up March 10th, 2017

Hello once again everyone! Hope you all are doing great this week. Real quick, if you guys didn’t know, we will be hosting a Google Workshop this upcoming Tuesday on “National Pi Day” (3/14).  There will be free food and you’ll be able to ask questions to a couple experts from Google!

Speaking of food, I decided to have a little bit of a theme week or maybe I’m just thinking of food nonstop because I forgot my lunch today. I’m not sure but let’s “dig in.” (I know, terrible joke, hang with me here, there’s going to be more).

Let’s start off with an idea fresh out of the oven from Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut’s new ordering ease: pushing a button on a pair of Pie Top shoes #PIDW2017

— Michael Chase (@chasethisnow) March 1, 2017
Personally, being someone who enjoys eating more than most, I think this is a fairly clever idea. But I can also see a situation where you’re playing 1 v 1 and next point is game so you lean over to pump your kicks up to get you a little extra boost but instead, you order 25 pizzas. For those that are a little lost, you obviously haven’t balled up in a pair of Reebok’s Pumps. Anyways, I think this is a pretty clever idea. It’s just in time for March Madness too. Maybe it was part of the plan to implement one of the more iconic shoe designs of the 1990’s?  Possibly. They may try to generate some sort of nostalgia feeling for those shoes.

Moving on, Burger King is trying to tell their haters to “eat it” literally and figuratively:

Creativity Pick: @BurgerKing tries to make good with the haters in new chicken sandwich campaign.

— Ad Age (@adage) March 7, 2017

In the day and age of social media, fast food and corporate twitter accounts have no filter. Now Burger King is giving people who bashed their old chicken sandwich a chance to become a lover. Quite frankly, I should have bashed BK so I can get free food. But for real, a lot of people had concerns about their old chicken sandwich, seriously, just go on Twitter and search “tendercrisp.” After some scrolling, you’ll end up seeing what I am talking about. This is a good way to combat all the negativity and hopefully get back those loyal “tendercrispians.” I don’t even know if that’s a term but it is now.

Side note: Doing this article on an empty stomach was and still is a terrible idea but being the competitor that I am, I have to fight through the pain!

Giant ape footprints appear around L.A. in colossal stunt for Kong: Skull Island.

— AdFreak (@AdFreak) March 9, 2017

Okay so this doesn’t really have to deal with food but I did a joke about food so that counts. Doesn’t it? Yes, since this is the “Dylan Rajkovich Blog” and what I say goes! (Actually, not true. I must run this by Julie and Josh to get the “okay” but hopefully they get where I am coming from). This is a really cool way to promote and market a movie about a giant monkey with some guerrilla marketing. I guess you can call this “Gorilla Marketing”, am I right?

I personally love when companies like Grandesign make an effort to create something that everyone can enjoy and see. In a world that seems to have drifted to social media for information, being able to standout and gain some traction on that platform is exactly what is needed. After seeing some images, I think they achieved that. Walking around California and suddenly you stumble upon some giant footprints, yeah, I am putting that on Twitter for sure.

Alright everyone, thank you for reading this week’s round up and I’ll be back again next week with a round-up from sunny and warm Florida! Please share, comment, and follow us all on Twitter and Facebook.