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Twitter Wrap-Up for September 13, 2017

Another week, another wrap – but not just any wrap. This week we had a special guest that was able to join us for this meeting, our good friend Chris Feix!

Some exciting news was brought up this meeting about the conference that Chris is bringing back to the city which is STLX! For those of you in the area who don’t know what STLX is, I’m going to highlight the main points of the conference in this wrap!

So, what is STLX? STLX is a meetup group for design professionals in the St. Louis/Chicago area. What started out as a small group of under 20 people to discuss UX quickly began to grow into a community of more than 500 members.

There are different themes to each conference and this year when Chris is bringing it back, STLX will be partnering with SDNSTL to focus on accessibility! For this informative conference, people will be flown in from across the country including special guests like Stephen Bolen from Emerson, all to speak about service design and UX culture. This will be the place where you will be able to discuss ideas about UX and SD with people who live it.

The conference is over the course of two days and will be going on the 25th-26th of September, this month located at the UMSL campus in the JCPenny Center.  If you’re interested in going, tickets are still available here! Chris has released a special discount code on social media that we can share with you if you’re interested in the event: whiskey.
If you want to follow the conference on twitter and see more of what it’s about, you can follow them here as well!

In other wrap news, Julie had an interesting observation on her social media. The tracking of social media has gotten so deep, related videos that are from different sources can show up in the same place (this was brought up because she had seen two opossum posts one right after the other on FB. Gotta love opossums). So, if you don’t want your searches to come back from that deep, go in incognito mode! If you need help accessing incognito mode, there’s an article about it here.

Josh also found some interesting Facebook news. Right now, Facebook is trying to improve their ROI. Because of that, they are now removing features that are not performing well for businesses. So, if you have been boosting your surveys in order to gather data, you will have to look at other places to get that information. You can read the article yourself and talk to Josh about it on his twitter page!

As always, wraps are once a week, but Twitter is forever. Follow us on Twitter for up to date followings of our thoughts!

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