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Types of Billing to Consider for Marketing Costs

Billing is one of those things that no one wants to think about but is definitely a necessity. Types of billing vary between companies and individuals; the billing structures can depend on the requests of the client or on the discretion of the company. Blayzer has noticed 5 billing options that are popular for marketing and web-development companies to consider when charging a client:

  • Blended Rate- estimates the time spent on the project while also covering all the specialists in the agency. The blended rate is one rate, factoring in different aspects.
  • Specialist Rate- depends on both their contribution to profitability and also the level of seniority/experience this individual has in the industry.
  • Fixed/Flat Fee- determined during the engagement/negotiation stage. The fee is determined before the assignment begins and does not change regardless of how much time is spent or the end results.
  • Time-Hourly Rates- charged for time spent performing services. The rates are different for each specialist with the company depending on market rates and skill level of the specialists.
  • Value-based Rate- based on assumption the client will gain high ROI.

It is important to go over these different billing options with your marketing firm before billing so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for. You’ll also need to know what Net terms are set. Net terms are the forms which specify that the total amount on the invoice is expected to be paid in full. Most companies deal with Net 30, meaning full payment is due 30 days after completion of the project. Net 10, Net 15, and Net 60 are also frequently used.

As a full service, integrated marketing and web-development company, Blayzer’s main goal is to help you put all the pieces in place to make your business successful in the online world. We custom-tailor every package for each client to make sure they pay for and receive exactly what they need and want. Here are some of our billing options:

  • Retainer Fee: an upfront cost for using our business
  • Whole Project: one flat rate for the work completed
  • Time & Materials Work Order: an hourly rate for time and any hard costs for materials (software and image licensing, printing costs, etc.)

Costs are either one-time or monthly fees depending on the services performed, and our Net terms are negotiable upon request. This keeps us accountable for work produced, keeps in stride with the budget, and maintains clients’ happiness. Keeping with the flexibility theme, we accept multiple payment options for invoices: check, ACH or credit card, depending on the services provided.

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