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Hiring Professional Companies vs. Freelancers for Web & Marketing

Whenever you post a web or online marketing project on a job board or related site, you will undoubtedly get a multitude of offers from people willing to complete the task. Some bids will come from professional companies or agencies, and many will come from freelancers. Inquire further, and you may find that the prices offered by freelancers are typically much, much lower than the agencies bids. The price might look right, but buyer beware! There are a lot of risks in hiring freelancers. There are also many benefits to hiring a company instead of a freelancer for your web and marketing projects.

Benefits of Hiring professional companies

There are a lot of good reasons to hire a professional company or agency instead of a freelancer for your next web or marketing project.

★ Risk

While freelancers certainly understand the feast-or-famine responsibility to do well and stay in business, at the end of the day it is only one person’s livelihood at risk. Companies have their entire staff and stakeholders to consider. Do wrong by the right customer, and the whole ship goes down. That’s some powerful incentive to treat customers well and do good work. Freelancers don’t have this level of responsibility for others, which is why the industry has such a big problem with things like fraud and so-called “ghosting.”

★ Redundancy

Another benefit of having a whole team on board for your project is redundancy in services and skill sets. Does your designer have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning? That’s okay, another team member can hold down the fort until he gets in. Did you developer’s computer meet an untimely demise? No worries, she can hop over to another workstation and barely miss a beat. Redundancy on our part equals business continuity and on-schedule project delivery for our clients.

★ Focus

Redundancy among baseline skill sets also gives professionals a chance to hone their focus and develop a specialty without letting other work slide. Web and marketing are fast-paced, multi-faceted industries with new twists and turns arising every day. It is simply not possible for one person to know and do it all. And when you stop trying to be everything to everyone — a jack of all trades, but a master of none — you can finally find your niche and develop some true expertise to leverage for your clients.

★ Coordination

With agencies and professional companies, you will also benefit from multiple teams working together and providing valuable input and insight from various perspectives. The strategic coordination between designers, developers, online marketing, digital media, and content creators is the backbone of our success here at Blayzer.

★ Depth of Skills & Services

Thinking of delving into Google AdWords once your new website goes live? Want a side of CRM software with your new logo? If you’ve hired a freelancer, there’s a good chance you’ll have to go back to the drawing board for other services. A company, on the other hand, typically handles a wide variety of services under one roof.

★ Resources & Relationships

If for some reason an agency does not offer a specific service, there is a very good chance that they have partners or connections to someone who does. These referrals can save you tons of time and energy because they come pre-recommended. Since the things we recommend reflect back upon us, it is in a company’s best interest to not send you down the wrong path.

★ Reliability

That freelancer’s portfolio looks nice and they’ve provided some happy references, but are you really confident that they’ll do the job well? With a professional company, employees have to meet and maintain a certain level of standards in performance, attendance, communication, and more. There’s less chance of running into shady characters in companies and agencies versus the freelance realm.

Final Thoughts

While we firmly believe that companies provide better, broader, and more reliable level of service in the web and marketing industry, we want to be clear that we are NOT saying that all freelancers or independent contractors are bad. In fact, Blayzer has on occasion used freelancers to help complete projects more efficiently or handle programming or design overflow. There are a few we would call again, should the need arise. We just find that freelancers are a good resource for completing specific tasks, and companies are better and handling projects and executing strategies. And in the web and marketing world, it takes much more than tasks to be successful.

If you have any questions on how Blayzer tackles web and marketing projects, contact us. We would love to tell you about our approach.