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Take Control of Your Online Content

When new clients come to us, one of the top complaints they have about their old solutions is that they were cumbersome or expensive to manage. We understand completely. In fact, fixing that problem is one of the main reasons we got into the web back in 1998.

Having to put in an order with your web developer for every single text change, image swap, or product update is not only inefficient, but it can get expensive fast. As much as we like money, we’d much rather see our clients spend their budgets on fresh content, enhanced web features, application integrations, and marketing programs that will help them not just keep up with, but push ahead of their competitors. This is made possible with Content Management (“CMS”) web solutions.

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Why Do You Need a Content Management System?

Content management systems (CMS) make it easy to keep your website up-to-date with the latest information about your business. With a content managed website, changes to text, images, formatting, menus, and more can be easily made by non-technical users through a user-friendly interface that requires no development expertise. If you can compose an email, use Microsoft Word, or share a cat meme on Facebook, you can update your CMS website.

Choose the best CMS for Your Site

Blayzer builds feature-rich, engaging websites for our clients using the top three open-source CMS software packages:

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Features of Leading Web Content Management Systems Include:

Visual Content Editor
Intuitive, flexible and easy content editing system that allows website content to be edited right on the page as it appears, in a drag-and-drop or block-based system, or a WYSIWG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) content editor.

Design Flexibility
The CMS should not dictate your design, your designer and developer should. Pre-determined site structures, layouts, templates and themes should help you create your ideal design faster, not restrict your creativity. Look for a CMS that allows you to present your brand and content the way you want.

Mobile Support
It’s very important to provide a good user experience across all devices. Mobile-responsive content is critical nowadays and your CMS should have features to customize layouts, navigation, design elements, content, and more for mobile visitors.

Integrations & Plugins
Your CMS’s core features should cover the basics…but you’re not basic, are you? A good CMS will support a sizable library of tested and proven plugins, extensions, add-ons, and third-party application integrations that help you shape your site to fit your business. The BEST content management systems also support custom development so you can create something entirely new and just for you when needed.

Image & Media Management
A built-in tool for managing images, documents, videos, and other media items makes content management much easier. Bonus points for the ability to crop, resize, edit and compress images before placing them on your website. This will help both you and your site run faster.

Built-In Content Search
A fast and powerful site search mechanism allows your users to quickly find and navigate to the exact content they are looking for. Site search analytics also happen to provide very powerful marketing insights into what your users want and need.

SEO Features
Your site can’t succeed if no one can find you online. Your CMS should be built for SEO and include tools to help make your content search 100% engine friendly.

User Management & Permissions
Managing users and editorial permissions is important for maintaining quality and security in your content management process. CMS should allow secure logins to be given to as few or as many content administrators as you need, and you should be able to assign specific content access rights to each of these users.

Blogging Tools
Blogging is essential to your content marketing strategy. Your CMS should include a highly functional built-in blog publishing tool for authoring your online web blog.