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With the introduction of new and better tools that make building websites and pages much easier, solutions are growing larger and more complex. While it’s easier to manage content on most websites today, it’s not so simple to keep your solution in a good state. Staying on top of website maintenance takes awareness, diligence and organization. It is especially challenging for larger sites and ecommerce solutions with hundreds (or even thousands) of pages. Have you thought about a website maintenance plan?

Blayzer undestands how important it is to maintain your site and content. It matters to your brand and it matters for your marketing. We offer web maintenance services at two levels. First, we include maintenance in the website warranty that comes with all new and upgraded web solutions. Once a solution is up and running, we offer website maintenance packages as service purchased in hourly blocks to help keep costs low. You can even monitor your maintenance hours through our convenient client portal to track your project’s progress and prevent overages. For quick response, fast turnaround, quality service, and upfront accountability, turn to Blayzer for website maintenance in St. Louis, MO. We are always here for you.

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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Website maintenance is the process of regularly checking your solution for issues and errors and keeping it up to date with your branding and marketing strategy. Maintenance should be done on a consistent basis to keep your website content and technology healthy, encourage traffic growth, and strengthen your search engine rankings.

Benefits of Website Maintenance

Up-to-Date Security

Without a doubt, security is the number one reason to keep your web solutions updated. Regular maintenance helps ensure you get security updates and patches installed in a timely manner before breaches and hacks occur.

New Software Features

A big component of website maintenance is keeping your software packages updated to their latest stable versions. This gives you access to new and improved features as they roll out, so you can keep your strategy on the cutting edge.

Stronger SEO

When you update your website, search engines receive new information about you. Added content and updated settings get indexed, search engines learn that your site is active and growing, and with the right optimization strategy in play more people will be able to find your site in search.

Customer Retention

If your site’s content is updated and kept relevant, your customers will be more engaged. While also being sure there is no broken links, your customers won’t get discouraged when accessing your site, and won’t leave to go to a competitors’ website.

What’s Involved in a Website Maintenance Plan?

The most common website maintenance tasks include:

  • Updating Website Software
  • Fixing HTML Errors
  • Developing New Content
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analyzing Website Analytics
Here is a closer look at what Blayzer typically provides in our Website Maintenance packages.

Routine Site Checks
Every so often, it is important to inspect your site closely for unnoticed errors. This is especially important if your website provides important functionality for your business or users. Ecommerce shopping, location lookups, calculators, download forms, login functions and more should be routinely checked for proper function.

Branding & Content Updates
You also need to make sure your site is staying updated with accurate and relevant information. Your website design should match and complement your current logo, color palette, taglines, and other branding features. All copy, photos, illustrations, icons, videos, PDFs, and other content should be kept correct and current as well.

Technical Maintenance
As a web hosting provider ourselves, we are very familiar with the inner workings of web servers, DNS, CDN, and more. In cases where we also host your web solution, we can provide an even greater level of maintenance services like data backups, content delivery, speed optimization, and more.

Website Optimization
Old content and broken features aren’t the only reasons to maintain your web solution. The goalposts of success in user experience and SEO rank are always moving. A design tactic or programming trick that works today might fall out of favor tomorrow.

Build Your Website Maintenance Package With Blayzer in St. Louis, MO

Stop worrying about website maintenance. Let Blayzer help you create and implement a maintenance plan that will keep your solution working, growing, and producing results in the long haul. We offer maintenance services for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Open Cart, custom solutions, and more. If you’re curious if we can help you keep your site maintained, just ask!