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Why Your Website Needs a Rockin’ Video

In the digital age we live in today, it’s easy for companies to get lost in the cacophony of the internet. When people do manage to land on your website, you need to command their attention away from potential distractions. One very powerful way to accomplish this is with video.

The web is cluttered with stats lauding the positive effects videos can have on websites, but here are a few of our faves:

  • 88% of visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video displayed (MistMedia).
  • 60% of viewers will watch video before reading any site text (Diode Digital).
  • Those that stay longer spend an average of 120 seconds more on a retail site and are 64% more likely to purchase after viewing a single product video (comScore).
  • Landing pages with video lead to 800% more conversion (FunnelScience).
  • Incorporating video into a blog post attracts 3x as many inbound links compared to blog posts without video (Moz).

Pretty cool, right?

These numbers alone tell quite a titillating tale. Add in the psychological and neurological reasoning behind them, and you get a clear picture of why video should be part of your online marketing strategy in 2015 (if it isn’t already).

Using Blayzer’s own homepage video as an example, let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why video puts up such impressive numbers.


Video is informative and gives your website a voice.

Your video can inform visitors about what you offer to their business in a way that explains how your solutions fulfill their needs. For example at Blayzer we specialize in online marketing strategies and services, website design and functionality, and all things mobile. How many times would you have to read that to actually remember it? The words come alive in our video and are more easily remembered because they are spoken by a voice of positivity and charisma, rather than read. Thus our message is more seamlessly delivered in a way that makes what we do more understandable.


Video amplifies your brand.

In the dark about your online marketing strategy? At Blayzer we help light the lamp and implement tactics to direct people to your website and vice versa. That may sound nice but it is with video that we get to show real examples and utilize the imagery of our brand. Our message is direct and accurate but is tailored with a certain panache with the repeated symbols of a flame and lit lantern. Executing a simple, informative video with a creative edge represents the same simple yet creative solutions you will provide your clients with.


Video saves decision makers time.

Decision makers are usually pressed for time so having them fumble around your website or read some long-winded page does not behoove your business. You may have their attention for less than a minute and a rocky user experience will likely be your downfall. Videos are to the point, set the tone and illuminate your value. The voice and presentation of your video is the introduction to your business and your brand. Address it with all the professionalism and energy you would a first handshake.


Video puts you in control of the conversation.

Controlling the conversation is half the battle when it comes to sales. Video allows you to tell your story and say your piece how and where you want to say it. Have a happy customer testimonial that sings your praises? Put a video on your homepage! Want to show off your products? Put video on your product pages! Have some goofy pictures from your last company holiday party? Make a slideshow video and — all together now — put it on your About Us page!


A video is a long-tail investment.

As we’ve established above, video provides your business with the opportunity to make a super-awesome, kick-butt, show-stealing first impression. But it is also a financial investment, so make it perfect and orient it for the long haul. Things move quickly in the world of online marketing so we scripted our video in a manner that allows us to edit it should any of the elements of our business change. Before finalizing it we tested out different narrating voices and chose the one that gave our brand a tone of creativity and confidence. Do the same with your video and showcase the swagger of your business.