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Twitter Wrap-Up for August 9 2017

Same day, same bar: different intern. Louise is gone (if I could insert a crying emoji, I would), so Jacqueline (that’s me, in third-person) is taking her place as the designated twitter scribe. Please, hold your applause.

After circling around the bar twice because I don’t know how to park, I entered the scene once everyone was half a drink in.

Because of my sorry sober state, I was the first to jump straight into business about my twitter topics of the day: first, August 9th was #BookLoversDay! As someone who’s always 190 pages deep into some novel or another, it was truly a day to be celebrated.

On the Facebook side of things, there’s a new policy that has been put into place that affects Facebook Ads – in a good way. The pesky problem of accidental clicks on an advertisement has been around since advertisements have started. It proves to be an even more prevalent problem on social media with a smaller screen and a clumsier thumb; however, Facebook has now acknowledged these issues and has stopped charging businesses for clicks that are immediately backed out of after all of two seconds.  Now, the field of Facebook advertisements may see more accurate results when compared to click rates.

Josh talked about our social media efforts this past week and plans on becoming more active on social media within our department and throughout the company. To see some of our ideas and our new presence online, feel free to us! You’ll be seeing a lot of posts from myself, Josh, and our newest intern, Molly!

Whitney brought up an interesting article that cited Cleopatra as one of the first people to use mail art and became a center of an evolving direct mail movement! The evolution itself is something interesting to read up about, so you should definitely check it out while it’s still recent on your timeline.

Brandon and Brad are coming up with some ideas for small Blayzer networking events in the area, so be sure to follow us on social media for little updates about those plans!

To see the full articles we are tweeting about and our (in my A+ opinion) funny commentary, follow us on Twitter!

If you have any feedback on my first post, tweet me.