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What Makes Blayzer Marketing Better?

In these technology driven times, digital marketing, web development, and lead generation services are growing in popularity. This is a great thing if you are looking for help in this area, but determining who to trust can be difficult. At Blayzer Digital, we are confident that we are the best choice for clients. But all firms in the industry boast about their quality, time efficiency, and creativity when solving clients’ problems, so I bet you’re wondering…

“What is it that makes Blayzer better?” We thought you’d never ask.


Full service digital marketing group with specialists in every area (strategy, design, development, mobile, marketing).

More differentiating than all else, we believe, is our people. We all come together for every project to share input and expertise. Would you like a professional programmer to have a hand in your email marketing templates? How about an online marketing expert taking a look at your website graphics? By tackling challenges and opportunities with a full-team approach, we’re able to create solutions that are truly integrated and optimized for your entire business. We believe strongly in our way of working.

At Blayzer, we have specialists in every area, including strategists, developers, designers, writers, producers, and innovators, work together and strongly believe in the major impact digital marketing can have on a business. We share a passion for drafting creative digital campaigns and executing them into engaging, intelligent and memorable user experiences.

While learning and collaborating in an agile environment, our specialists can also share knowledge which pushes us to gain the smartest solutions. Furthermore, we can draw our strength from others’ insights and experience.


17 Years and Counting

Our company was founded way back in 1998. Not only are we familiar with the Worldwide Web of today, but we’ve been there throughout its evolution. We understand how we got to now, why things work the way they do, and what long term success looks like.

With the experience that we get along with a team of highly skilled professionals, you can rest assured that we are a good digital partner for your business. Our commitment is “Clients are King”, and we’ll always go the extra mile for our clients. With our long-time reputation, we develop our own full range of in-house services, ensuring smarter solutions to their property challenges.

From the beginning, our professionals always put respect for clients first. We listen to their opinions, facilities, and procurements. Our people not only believe in ourselves as well as our agency, but also we believe and share our client’s approaches and missions, too.


Proven Process

Our years of experience are valuable during strategic planning and creative development, but they truly shine when we get down to production. Specialists from each area gather together and begin with an in-depth understanding of your overall online presence to find where you are and where you want to be in the market. This step draws us a map to develop what online marketing solution can lead to your business’s success. Through that, we then implement a proven process of analysis and strategy, proprietary created imagery, rigorous solution, integrated mobile, and innovative marketing.

We’ve tuned our web design and development and marketing departments into well-oiled machines with all the efficient and powerful processes, tools, and technologies needed to get the job done on time and on budget.


Affordable Online Marketing

Blayzer’s affordable online marketing services help your business become known. From operating our own business, we understand your business is on too tight of budget to invest in a pricey advertising agency. That’s why Blayzer’s here to provide services that work best for you.

Blayzer gives you full service online marketing. We don’t only offer an attractive website, powerful Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization strategy, but also reach out to your prospects on social media. We know your business is much more than just a website.

We don’t charge any inflated commissions or costs for social and online marketing/advertising campaigns. Instead, we charge a flat management fee based on the general level of ad-spend. This keeps costs affordable so more of your dollars can go towards ads. With all of this affordable online marketing, we are sure to find a mix of services that will fulfill your business needs.


Transparent Reporting

We take care of a 24/7 reporting dashboard that allows you to view the status and progress of your marketing campaign every step of the way across the web. Our advanced reported service is included with every Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, and Email Marketing package. It provides custom consultation, report creation, analytics, webmaster setup, monitoring, and periodic report and review meetings.

Our specialists and our clients both love this level of transparency and insight into what makes their marketing programs tick and where to attribute successes. We want everything to be clear so we can figure out what to improve, find what is already working, and fix what is not. We do our best to maintain relationships with clients while giving them best resulted campaigns to increase their ROI in Online Marketing.

Whether you are a new business in the market or you’ve been here a long time and need a groundbreaking online campaign, we’d love to tell you more about Blayzer’s flexible, affordable online marketing solutions and our all-encompassing team approach. Do you want to see what the Blayzer difference means to your business? Schedule a FREE consultation, and we’ll show you.