Blayzer is a St. Louis web development and online marketing company founded in 1998. Our initial focus was on multimedia and front-end design. In the early 2000’s, we switched gears to back-end development and content managed web solutions to help make great websites accessible to all organizations, not just the Fortune 500.

In the years that followed, the web matured very quickly. First came widespread availability and high-speed services. Then came video, social media, and now mobile devices. During this shift our client base grew in both size and success. By the late-2000’s companies began to need/want a broader range of services from one source. This sparked the addition of online marketingmobile development, and email marketing automation to our offerings, along with the revival of our front-end design and UI/UX services. With all the pieces now in place, Blayzer is today a one-stop shop for fully customized, integrated web and marketing solutions to fit a wide range of needs.

The choice of a marketing partner is not always easy. We want to make sure you are as informed as possible about Blayzer before you make a decision. Explore our site to learn how our approach, process, and team will help you harness the full power of the web to create opportunities and drive revenue.

mautic is open source marketing automation