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Meet Clyde.

The extended warranty platform that empowers businesses to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers

What Is Clyde?

Clyde is an extended warranty platform that allows your business to drive revenue and customer loyalty. Clyde leverages a competitive network of insurance partners to offer extended warranties and accident protection plans on a huge range of products. Their plans cover warranty extensions, wear and tear, water damage, and even accidents, for up to five years. Clyde’s platform integrates with your ecommerce site or at your in-store sales counter in minutes. Utilize their dashboard to set offerings to autopilot while Clyde is constantly optimizing pricing to increase your conversions and margin. Clyde’s platform integrates with your technology via eCommerce plugins and API connections.

Who Uses Clyde?

Clyde is trusted by 250+ brands including Shark and Ninja, Nook, Vaio, and more to offer their customers extended warranties on electronics, fitness and sports equipment, e-bikes and scooters, furniture and mattresses, jewelry, watches, and glasses, as well as appliances and hardware. With Clyde, companies have achieved 3x the industry attach rate, an 80% increase in average order value, grow revenue, and improve customer experiences.

How Is Clyde Different Than Other Extended Warranty Platforms?

A seamless customer experience, at the point of purchase and after. Clyde’s clear, customizable calls-to-action makes purchasing product protection a breeze. Clyde makes contract information and filing claims simple, transparent, and intuitive and Clyde manages the entire claims process end-to-end, so your customers can use their plans when they need them, and you can focus on creating and marketing great products.

What Does Blayzer Do With Clyde?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer can do more than just refer Clyde to its clients. We can help integrate Clyde with your ecommerce site or at your in-store sales counter seamlessly and with ease. Once Clyde is fully integrated and up and running, Blayzer’s marketing experts can provide strategic consulting and services to help make the most of their new integration and latest extended warranty platform.

How Can I Learn More About Clyde?

You can visit Clyde’s website to explore on your own, or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll be happy to give you the high-level details and help you assess whether Clyde is a fit for your needs. We can also connect you to a Clyde expert for more information and even help you set up a solution demo if you’d like to learn more.