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Smart Strategies for Digital Advertising

Where should you be investing in digital advertising? Blayzer can help identify what platforms are right for your business. We understand that winning on the web today is pay-to-play, and competition has increased. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other major players in online search and discovery are constantly updating their algorithms and making it harder to break through with organic marketing tactics alone. Your digital advertising investment and ROI results are essential to your success.

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What digital advertising platform is right for you?

There are several major players in the digital advertising space. Each digital advertising platform offers different types of ads as well as different ways to reach different audiences.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Google offers search, display, shopping, mobile, and YouTube video ads. YouTube also lets you promote your own YouTube channel and video content in addition to placing your Google search, display and video ads around the site. Bing only offers search advertising.

Google allows audience targeting based on standard demographics, interests and behaviors. Facebook (and Instagram too, by association) provides deep demographic, behavioral and psychographic audience targeting. LinkedIn lets you reach your audience based on their job titles and industries,  employment history, network connections, and other professional details.

Our specialists take the time to get to know your business, your audience, and your goals before recommending which platform is best for you.

Learn more about Facebook and LinkedIn advertising

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Digital Advertising Ad Layouts

Search Ads

Search Ads appear in regular search engine results above and below the organic search listings. They are the most common type of digital advertisement, with Google and Bing being the two main platform players. Google search ads not only appear with Google’s desktop and mobile apps, but also on Google Play, Google Images, Google Maps, and across an enormous network of partner sites. Bing search ads also appear on Yahoo!, AOL, and DuckDuckGo search results.

Display Ads

Display ads engage users with appealing images that run throughout Google’s network including Gmail, mobile apps, YouTube, and many more sites on the web. If you see display ads on a website, there is a good chance at least some of them are there via Google. One popular use of display ads is retargeting your past website visitors. Bing does not currently support display advertising.

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads, sometimes called Product Ads, are a clear must-have for retailers and ecommerce companies. These ads use your online or local inventory to boost traffic and find leads by showing consumers the products that you have available. Shopping Ads appear in the main search results pages, search engines’ Shopping tabs, and have recently be added to the images tabs as well. That’s quite a reach!

Video Ads

Video is veratile and so are its ads. Video ads let you show your video content across YouTube and other Google partner sites. These ads have 5 different format types including in-stream ads, video discovery ads, and non-skippable ads. You can use YouTube video ads to promote your own video channel and content or for your regular search, display and video ads.

App Ads

App ads connect your mobile app to users who are searching on Google, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google display network. These ads are generated based on your app’s store listing. App ads are great for getting new app downloads as well as boosting engagement with your current app users.

Pay-Per-Click Digital Advertising

Blayzer understands that digital advertising goes hand-in-hand with your SEO strategy. Both tactics must work together to maximize your success. We provide several digital advertising services based on your business needs.

Full-Service PPC

Blayzer’s team goal is to find unique keywords that effectively define your business while providing a cost-efficient way of delivering the keyword traffic to your target audience.

Target Audience:

we develop a refined list of keywords that people are searching for and are highly relevant to your business. When developing this list, we seek to target specific searches that will not just click through but also engage with your site once they reach it.

Budget Your Campaign:

Google’s AdWords service operates on a “Cost per Click” basis so you only pay when someone interacts with your ad. We will perform a complete analysis of the keywords, and provide you with a recommended budget

Account Management:

We understand that your pay per click account history is an asset to your business. We simply take over managing your account while you are under contract with us.

Ecommerce PPC

People behave differently when they are shopping for products than other types of web activities. Pay per click marketing for products and ecommerce has its own set of rules and best practices. Blayzer can help you grow revenue with Bing and Google Shopping Ads, from setting up your product data feeds and merchant center accounts to selecting keywords, setting budgets, creating ads, running campaigns, and reporting the results.

Not-For-Profit PPC

Google has developed a program to help non-profits expand their reach on google. Google is offering $10,000 per month for qualified nonprofit organizations to use for a Google Ads campaign (and up to $40,000 per month for Grantspro participants). There are, of course, many rules and stipulations to maintain eligibility for this Google Grant. No worries, though. Through Blayzer’s Google Partnership we will always know the most up-to-date information regarding eligibility.

PPC Agency Partnerships

To add or not to add? That is the question every service provider will face at some point. You’re going about your business doing what you do best, when a customer comes along and asks, “By the way, do you do X, Y, or Z? We’re looking for …” When the answer is yes, it’s a win for your business. When the answer is no, it can hurt to send a good customer (and their dollars) out the door into another’s arms. It hurts worse, however, to over extend your reach and risk failing to deliver on your brand promise.

Blayzer proudly teams up with all types of partners in need of a PPC marketing provider for their clients. We can work with your team or directly with your clients as an extension of your team, whichever you prefer.

PPC Analytics & Reporting

We set our clients up for success with robust web analytics, event and conversion traffic tracking you can’t get right out-of-the-box. At the end of every month, we thoroughly review and document campaign results and sit down with each of our PPC clients and go over their report in detail. This keeps everyone on target with the big-picture business strategy and lets our clients know how their campaign is progressing with time. We also provide pay-per-click advertising campaign audits and consulting services to help guide your digital strategy.

Let our Digital Advertising Experts develop and manage your digital advertising strategy.

Looking for an experienced partner to help with your digital advertising campaigns? Blayzer has worked with clients of all ranges — from global retail brands and growing service franchises to small and medium businesses and even start-ups just trying to get off the ground. We are successful because we take a custom approach with each client to understand their market and fit their needs. Blayzer would love the opportunity to work with you.