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Why We Love Magento

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Magento, now owned by Adobe, is a flexible open source ecommerce platform that powers over 250,000 online stores worldwide. Magento is particularly well suited to integrating digital and physical shopping experiences, an absolute must in today’s omnichannel digital world.

Because of these features we are able to build Magento solutions that include all of the functions you are looking for today, plus the flexibility to grow and evolve with your business over time. Merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster on average than those using other platforms. (Source: Contact Blayzer to get your ecommerce business growing with Magento web development in St. Louis, MO.

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    We find that Magento is well suited to many projects because of its extreme flexibility. As an open source solution, developers have complete code visibility to create unique and engaging sites using Magento. Almost any logic or feature is customizable. It is highly extendable and can be re-skinned with new design themes with relative ease. Explore thousands of high-quality extensions available in the Magento Marketplace. What can we build for you?

    Support & Community

    Magento has excellent documentation and is supported by a vibrant community of developers and partners (like Blayzer) who continually advance the platform by contributing code, creating new extensions, and participating in Magento forums and user groups.


    Magento brings you world-class ecommerce at an unmatched price point – Magento Open Source is free. Instead of paying for licensing fees on a shrink-wrapped ecommerce solution you can’t customize, you can direct your resources toward creating a custom Magento solution that is truly tailored to your business.

    Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition)

    Further enhancing its flexibility to fit a wide range of needs, Magento is available in two editions. Both editions are open source and can be fully extended and customized by our experts here at Blayzer.

    Magento Open Source

    Formerly known as Magento Community Edition (CE), Magento Open Source is the free version of Magento that can be downloaded, customized, and self-hosted.

    Magento Commerce

    Magento Commerce is a premium version of Magento that includes optional cloud hosting, additional features, and technical support as part of the subscription fee.

    Merchants often struggle with choosing between Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. Basically speaking, Magento Commerce takes the standard Magento ecommerce features and rolls in some long-popular modifications and custom configurations alongside a few new enhancements, customer support, and optional cloud hosting.

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    Magento Ecommerce Specialists in St. Louis, MO

    • Magento store for a networking hardware distributor with tens of thousands of SKUs.
    • Magento store for a retailer of unique technology, hardware and consumer goods.
    • Ecommerce store and marketing strategy for a manufacturer of children’s hair bows and accessories.
    • In-depth audit of another developer’s failed Magento programming work for a large Midwest corporation. Following our audit, the company contracted us for a major development project.
    • Custom Magento ordering solution on a standalone virtual machine with custom security for a print advertising company to allow grocery stores to easily purchase in-store signage and promotional print materials.
    • Custom all-in-one design, order, print and send solution for a direct mail marketing company.