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Video Marketing in 2023

We have YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and a plethora of other platforms to push content. It takes skill to be noticed and/or heard above the background noise. Fortunately, one of our team members had a chance to chat with our friends at Phat Buddha Vision – a friend of Blayzer’s that focuses ...

12 Pro Marketing Tips for 2023

Below are 12 pro marketing tips sourced from Blayzer Digital’s own team. These come straight from social media experts, web developers, project managers, salespeople, and others that have one heck of a combined resume. *Please note that the tips below are to be taken lightly. A little fun for the end ...

5 Most Asked Marketing Questions in 2022

At Blayzer, it’s important for us to match clients with solutions that add actual value. This could be warehousing, payment processing, integrating your online store into a better-performing platform, email campaigns, paid ads, social media, branding, or something less quantifiable like consulting. We want your company to succeed as much as ...

The Importance Of Connection In Branding

A startling statistic reveals that people will spend five years and four months of their life on social media. This means personalization of your brand is more important than ever. It’s a simple equation: emotional connection leads to loyalty. So how do you turn a sales lead from a potential ...
Omnichannel Retailing

Omnichannel Retailing for Ecommerce

Omnichannel retailing allows you to scale multiple channels by syncing product and inventory data across them, including offline and online channels. While traditional multichannel strategies are linear in their design, omnichannel is much more fluid. Instead of only feeding data from that source to multiple channels and back again, all ...
Colorado Delivery Fee

The New Sales Tax in Colorado for Deliveries

If you are selling or plan to sell products in Colorado, there’s a new sales tax in Colorado for deliveries you need to be aware of. A new retail delivery fee is set to take effect on July 1, 2022, requiring retailers to collect a $0.27 fee each time taxable ...

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