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Social media has revolutionized the way people share information and communicate with each other. It has changed the way people discover, read and share news, information, products, and content. Social networking allows people to connect in the online world to form both personal and business relationships.

Social media marketing is the use of social networking services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat to reach out to customers and build a community around your business. Social media creates crucial content distribution and communication channels. It gives you a place to showcase your personality without distracting from the core message of your web solution. Every post is a new opportunity for widen your content reach and engage with your followers. Social media is an important part of any marketing strategy. If you need social media services in St. Louis, Missouri, you’ve got a valuable friend in Blayzer.

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Why Should You Care About Social Media Marketing?

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Social media marketing uses a combination of organic and paid messaging to engage consumers and expand your brand’s reach. Social media provides a way to generate leads, drive sales and traffic to your website, take control of your brand, and interact with consumers in real-time.

Social media marketing also gives you the opportunity to learn about the consumers using your products and services and how to appeal to their needs. Social media these days is flooded with ads and promoted content so it is important to know what will get your consumer’s attention and what types of content they most interact with. It helps to keep your organic and paid social media marketing efforts focused on the right goals.

Organic = Grow Reach & User Engagement

Paid = Drive Web Traffic & Conversions

Blayzer’s Winning Social Strategy

Your social media is the online voice for your business, and it should be uniquely you. Not every social platform works the same and the experts in Blayzer’s marketing department in St. Louis, MO will work with you to hone your brand’s messaging and develop a plan to work towards your business goals. Before even beginning your social media campaign our team will first seek to understand your needs. We can meet with your at our office at 1901 Locust Street downtown or we can kick things off online. Be prepared to answer some important questions about your strategy:

  • What are your goals for social media?
  • Where is your target audience most active?
  • What tactics will we use to get fans to engage?
  • How will we measure your success (and ours)?

After we understand your business’s needs and goals, our social media experts will recommend the social platforms that can most benefit your business, and then we create and publish content that supports your goals.

Social Media Account Management

The average American adult spends well over 2 hours a day on social media. By maintaining active social profiles, growing your following, and engaging in relevant conversations, you can grow your brand and reach new customers.

The biggest hurdle in social media marketing is the day-to-day management of your accounts. Social media is much more complex for businesses that it is for personal use. There is no such thing as a “quick” post. Effective social media account management requires coordination, time, and attention. Social marketing demands a swift response and a consistent brand voice.

Here are the services Blayzer provides to manage your company’s social presence:

  • Editorial Calendar – We’ll establish a schedule for your social media programs that easily integrates with other parts of your marketing plan
  • Content Development – We develop and create custom articles, blogs, infographics, videos, web pages & more types of advanced content to enhance your social media campaigns. Service sold separately.
  • Posting – We keep your page up to date by sharing, creating, and posting just the right combination of relevant news, entertaining content, and business promotions to capture attention and appeal to your community. It won’t all be pre-programmed – we’ll help you seize the moment when it presents itself – Remember when Oreo won the Super Bowl?
  • Engagement & Interaction – Like, comment, respond, share, and otherwise interact with your social community on your behalf
  • Reputation Tracking – Listen for mentions of your brand, competitors, clients, team members, products and services, and the problems you solve
  • Community Building – Find & follow relevant groups, prospects & leaders in your industry
  • Real-Time Data Tracking – Track all data as it happens; send leads to sales/marketing for follow up
  • Monthly Reporting – Measure social media marketing results and ROI
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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising makes it simple to find and target specific personas online. Think about all the information about a person available from their social media profile. Users like and follow everything from their favorite band to the breed of their dog. Depending on the platform used, you may also be able to target users by job, age, gender, and location. Our experts will help you determine which social platforms will be able to reach the strongest audience for your business.

There are many benefits to social media advertising such as reaching consumers that may not follow your brand, but have interests that align with the products and services your business offers along with:

  • Works fast! Your ads can start running and producing results the day the campaign is launched.
  • You set your budget and maximum cost-per-click you are willing to pay.
  • Campaigns can be targeted to precise geographies or audiences and set to run on days/times of your choice.
  • Ad types for every goal – aim for page/profile likes, post reach, website clicks, purchases, lead conversions, comments, and likes, etc.
  • Re-targeting campaigns show highly targeted ads to people who have previously visited your website, received your emails, or connected with you on other social channels.
  • Ads can be targeted to mobile devices and specific operating systems.
  • Social media advertising cost-per-lead is often less than other forms of advertising.

Blayzer’s experts establish your voice, expand your presence, and grow your social media community.

Blayzer helps your business reach potential customers and build relationships via social media. Contact us today for social media marketing services in St. Louis or anywhere in the US. We’re ready to get started on your social media strategy and help you meet your marketing goals.