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Seize The Popularity of Podcasts

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As growing your organic reach on social media gets more complicated every day, brands and businesses are on the hunt for some new and different ways to reach their audiences online. Many companies are embracing audio content to get their message heard. Audio marketing isn’t new In fact, it pre-dates radio. But a lot is different, including the types of audio content we listen to, how we find it, and how it’s made.

Marketing Factoid: Audio marketing dates back to at least 1901, when a Hungarian “telephone newspaper” service began selling 12-second spots to reach its programs’ listeners.

Recent statistics prove there is a rise of using audio as a content marketing strategy, since about 62 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, according to an Edison Research study.

Podcasts allow for companies to make listeners more aware of their brand. Essentially, podcasts are a series of audio content that is available to listeners through downloading from the internet. Listeners can subscribe to podcasts to automatically receive the audio when they are uploaded.

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Advantages of Creating a Podcast

Benefits of having audio or podcasts incorporated in your content strategy include:

  • Greater brand visibility: Your podcast will serve as an advertisement of the proficiency and knowledge of your business and can feature the products and services that your company offers.
  • Loyal following/builds trust: Podcasts allow you to open up to your listeners, which then helps build relationships with customers and sell more of your products or services.
  • Increased website traffic: Podcasts can help reach out to new audiences. Listeners who enjoy your podcast also can make recommendations to others, which can improve traffic.

What You Need to Start Podcasting

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when figuring out if your business should include podcasts to market their brand:

  • Know your budget: Creating podcasts have a wide range when it comes to expenses. This will depend on what you want to deliver in your podcast, and possibly the industry.
  • You will need to consistently be able to create engaging content: With podcasts, there are no pictures, videos, or any type of visual, which makes it important to keep your audience engaged by having content that will keep their interest.
  • Understand your target audience: Who will your brand be reaching? Podcasts are great for content marketing since they have the ability to reach target audiences while on the go or traveling. How does your target audience want to be reached?

Popular Platforms and Web Tools for Audio and Podcasts

Having the right platform to have your podcast be available to is important when getting your content heard. This means you have to consider all of your options when finding out which platform will work best for you.

Some popular platforms and web tools being used by many podcasters:

  • SoundCloud
  • BuzzSprout
  • Cast
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube

Check out this example of our client JessTee on Soundcloud

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Blayzer and Phat Buddha Productions

Blayzer’s production partner/sister company is Phat Buddha Productions. With the help of Blayzer’s marketing experts and Phat Buddha Productions audio team, you will have the ability to create the most effective audio/podcast for your content strategy.

Depending on your brand’s overall goal, incorporating audio and podcasts may be the best option that will lead you to success.

If your business lacks the expertise needed to develop audio content, contact Blayzer today. Blayzer can make sure you have the proper content marketing capabilities to create the most successful podcast. Contact Blayzer today!