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We’re On a Mission

Blayzer is a full-service web development and online marketing company in St. Louis, Missouri since 1998. We are dedicated to helping businesses gain more results, revenue and ROI from their websites, ecommerce stores, online applications, and marketing programs.

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Why Choose Blayzer?

  • Full-Service – Everything you need to succeed online
  • Boutique – Small agency focused on all things web
  • Affordable – Attractive midwestern rates
  • Custom – We fit the web to your business
  • Strategic – Goal-focused approach and process
  • Proven – Over 20 years of success meeting a wide range of needs

Our Company Story

When Brad Goldenberg and Michael Landau founded the business in 1998, our initial focus was on multimedia and front-end design. It was a natural fit with our sister company Phat Buddha Productions, a music recording and sound engineering studio. This studio-agency synergy continues to this day – it’s part of what makes Blayzer completely different from any other web and marketing company in St. Louis (or anywhere else we’ve been).

In the early 2000s, we focused more on custom back-end development and content managed web solutions to help make great websites accessible to all organizations, not just the Fortune 500. In the years that followed, the web matured very quickly. First came widespread availability and high-speed services. Then came video, social media, and mobile devices. During this shift our client base grew in both size and success.

By the late-2000s companies began to want and need a broader range of web and marketing services from one source. This sparked the addition of online marketing, mobile development, email marketing, and video marketing to our offerings throughout the 2010s, along with the revival of our front-end design and UI/UX services.

With all the pieces now in place, Blayzer today is a one-stop shop for fully customized, integrated web and marketing solutions to fit a wide range of needs. We even offer strategy services to find out which specific mix of solutions is the best fit for your business and marketing goals.

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20+ Years of Web & Marketing Excellence

20 years is a long time in any business. Online it’s practically a lifetime. For over two decades Blayzer has provided the highest quality work while closely following the rapidly changing online landscape to keep our clients at the forefront. Longevity and reliability are rare in this business. We are proud of our history and our clients’ accomplishments. Look what we can help you do.

core values


We seek to be not just an outsourced service provider to our clients, but a true partner and an extension of your team. We do this by getting to know your history and goals, welcoming your key stakeholders into the process, communicating often and proactively, and taking a strategic approach to all of your projects.

Web & Marketing Integration

We offer technology-driven marketing programs and marketing-friendly technology solutions. In this day and age, technology and marketing are intricately woven together. You can’t have one without the other, and Blayzer ensures that your technology and marketing programs support each other.


We will improve your website not only with the goal of gaining traffic and conversions, but also increasing efficiency. Blayzer wants your web solution to make business processes easier for your organization, not more complicated.


We tailor the web to fit your business, not the other way around. Every client is unique, so we customize your strategy, design, solutions, content, and marketing program appropriately. Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, they’re custom made to your specifications.


Our tight-knit team and proven production process keeps the big picture in clear view across all phases of your project. There are no blind spots between teams at Blayzer, and we keep you informed about what’s going on with your projects every step of the way.


Our business is constantly evolving to keep pace with technology and market trends. This commitment to keeping our strategies, services and solutions relevant is most evident in the history of our hosting solutions. As the speed and demands of web and marketing solutions have grown over the years, we’ve gone from a few on-site servers to a full on flexible, expandable, cutting-edge virtual private cloud in a AAA data center to better serve our clients.

Professional Development

Each member of our team, from executive leadership to staff contributors to interns, is accountable for being an expert in his or her field. We hold weekly meetings where each expert shares current trends and updates from their industry niche. This keeps our entire team always evolving and informed about all aspects of our business. Then we pass that knowledge along to you and your projects.

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Who's the Boss?

Brad, CEO

Fire is inherent in Blayzer Digital’s core principles, and CEO Brad Goldenberg is the flame that burns at our core. With over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, web production, and marketing, Brad consults with Blayzer clients at an executive level — helping them find the best way to build their business and grow revenue online. But he doesn’t stop there. He also makes sure the plans he puts in place are actually effective, providing account management with integrity and strategic consulting so that our clients get where they need to go.

Mike, President

There’s something to be said about vision, and you better believe Mike has it. When your brand needs a creative edge or a refresh, Mike is the guy who brings it to the table. He guides clients to look beyond the typical boring best practices and sparks new solutions so they can get to the next level. His keen business sense combined with his innate way to connect with people allows Mike to understand what people both want and need. Do you yearn to break out of the box and build something extraordinary? Mike can help you do it.

Brandon, COO

Can you see the big picture? Brandon does, but he does even more than that. He excels at breaking it down into manageable strategies then sees them through to completion, making sure that the plan will succeed. As a senior web developer and project manager with more than 15 years of experience building complex web applications from the ground up, Brandon is the one you want for any web-based business plan — there’s no challenge he can’t take on, no matter how challenging it may be. He’ll find a way through, over, or around it and meet you on the other side.

Julie, Vice President of Digital Production

Transforming ideas into action is Julie’s forté. Through integrated web, communications, and go-to-market strategies, she’ll make your marketing dreams a reality. A jack of all trades, Julie is also a talented copywriter, email and social media expert, and marketing automation wiz with more than 15 years of experience — someone you’ll definitely want in your corner when it’s time to stop talking and start doing. Whether it’s digital marketing or project management, she’s got the tenacity and experience to not only know what to do, but how to do it… and do it well.

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