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The Easy Ecommerce Platform for WordPress

WooCommerce, the ecommerce extension of WordPress, helps companies build their ecommerce store. Basically, it is a free plugin for WordPress that allows users to open a store online. Powered by WordPress, WooCommerce is designed for online companies that range from small to large. In just a few steps, WooCommerce can turn your website into an online store with full shopping functionality. The Blayzer team are experienced experts at WooCommerce development in St. Louis, MO.

See Examples of WooCommerce Stores by Blayzer Digital in St. Louis, MO

Why Use WooCommerce?

Easy Installation

WooCommerce is made to get your ecommerce store up and running with as much ease as possible. The easy Setup Wizard guides the basic steps to setting up your store so we can focus more on content, design, and feature enhancements. Our time (and your budget) go further with WooCommerce than any other ecommerce platform.

Helps with Marketing & SEO

When using WooCommerce for your site, you’ll also benefit from increases in marketing and search engine optimization. Since WooCommerce is part of WordPress, your site will automatically get a boost in its SEO. You’ll also have the option of allowing reviews from customers, which also has the ability to increase your visibility.

Easy Tracking

WooCommerce allows you to track not only what you are selling, but also has the ability to track trends, and analyze data in order to plan for future growth in your site, and company as a whole. With the store dashboard provided, you can easily view your orders, traffic, etc.

Mobile Friendly

Today’s customers are using mobile devices when shopping online. With WooCommerce, you will never lose an order because of how the customer is using the internet. WooCommerce is mobile friendly, meaning anyone can access your site, whether that be from a computer or smartphone.

More Reasons to Love WooCommerce




Plugins allow you to add different functions to your store


Easily control the looks of your store


Open to anyone

Looking for WooCommerce Services?

Contact Blayzer in St. Louis to build your WooCommerce store! We can help you sell anything online with WooCommerce – physical products, digital downloads, content, subscriptions, event tickets, and more. We can assist you with design, development, hosting, content, marketing, or your entire strategy.