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Invigorate Your Brand with Video Marketing

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Content is the fuel that keeps your marketing strategy running, and video is hands-down the most powerful kind of content you can create for your brand. Once you have some quality videos that highlight your brand and tell your important stories, the next step is to put your content to work at growing your business. It’s time for video marketing!

If you don’t have any videos in your content library today, you’re already running behind. Stop what you’re doing and click here to talk with a video marketing expert in St. Louis, MO. You can catch us live M-F from 9-5 Central time, or leave a message after hours and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We know this is important, and we want to get things moving for you as fast as possible.

Benefits of Video Marketing:

  • Increase Website & Marketing Platform Traffic
  • Improve Organic Search Rankings
  • Earn More Backlinks
  • Grow Your Social Community & Email List
  • Boost Click-Throughs & Conversion Rates
  • Generate More Leads
  • Increase Ecommerce Conversions & Revenue
  • Tell Your Story
  • Influence Customers’ Buying Decisions
  • Lead Your Industry as a Trusted Expert
  • Track KPIs, Results & ROI

Types of Video Marketing

There are two types of video marketing to consider for your strategy:

Marketing WITH Video

Using video content to promote your brand, products, and services

Marketing YOUR Video

Using marketing strategies to promote your high-value video content

Marketing WITH Video

Marketing with video leverages the near-magical engagement powers of video to deliver your message. And what a messenger it is! Video is a content marketing triple-threat, proven to get more attention, better interaction, and greater results than other content types on all the major marketing channels.

The process for marketing with video works like any other kind of content marketing, just using videos as the content. You start by creating videos about your company, products, and services (get a big list of video content ideas here). Then you distribute your videos out through your content marketing channels.

Marketing YOUR Videos

Once you get through the basics of crafting some core video content to support your brand and marketing campaigns, you may find yourself bitten by the video bug. When people grow comfortable with the production process and get a taste of how video transforms their marketing results, it can kick off a brainstorm of ideas for special features or an ongoing video series. This type of video content can be tremendously valuable to your business.

By creating video content that people enjoy or find useful outside of your immediate sales process, and then properly marketing your videos to a targeted audience, you can propel your brand to the top of your industry. In this type of video marketing strategy, your videos are the product you are promoting.

Video Marketing Services in St. Louis, MO

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Ready to unleash the full power of your brand with video marketing? Go pro with video marketing services from Blayzer Digital in St. Louis, Missouri. Our expert video strategists, content creators and marketing team will help you make video part of your digital strategy and maximize your video marketing ROI. Let’s get to work!