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Importance of Web Content

Having good, quality content on your website sets you apart from competitors and communicates your message to your customers. When it comes to your website as a whole, content is what gets your customers to purchase what you are selling. Content is also what often brings people to your site in the first place. Without web content, your site is just a collection of empty pages and URLs. Nothing for people to see, read, or do. Nothing for search engines bots to crawl, analyze, and rank. You need text, photos, diagrams, videos, audio clips, and more content on your site to tell your story and get found on the web.

Blayzer Digital is a leading agency for all types of web content services in St. Louis, Missouri. Creating quality web content is critical in the overall success of your website, and here’s why:

  • Produces value for visitors
  • Improves the user experience
  • Builds trust & confidence
  • Drives more sales
  • Gets shared more frequently
  • Brings in search traffic
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What Is Web Content?

  • Text: Text content, sometimes called “copy”, is pretty straightforward. Text is included on a web page either within images, or as a text block. Web content in the form of text can include using links, where readers can get more information from other sources. Text content is critical for both human readers and the search engine robots that crawl your site.
  • Imagery: Visual content like graphics and photos help people understand what you’re saying. They also leave a lasting impression of your brand and what you are trying to communicate. As a rule of thumb, every page on your site should not only have something to read, but something to see. With proper optimization, images can also help your site win rankings in coveted Image search results and lend a boost your pages’ SEO value.
  • Multimedia: Multimedia web content is basically all other types of content besides text and images. This content will have its biggest impact on actual people, but if you code it correctly and use it wisely on your site, it can also lend a boost to your SEO rankings. Some examples of multimedia web content include:
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Animations

Good Web Content vs. Bad Web Content

What Makes Web Content Good?

  • Clearly addresses its target audience
  • Uses plain language that is engaging and direct
  • Has a good balance between copy, imagery and multimedia content
  • Has a consistent voice and style in-line with the company’s brand and marketing messages
  • Provides value by answering a question or solving a problem
  • Builds trust by doing what it claims it’ll do


What Does Bad Content Look Like?

  • Tries to relate to too many audiences all at once
  • Attempts to sell services and products prior to providing value or building trust
  • Is too focused on imagery, leaving little for search engines to digest
  • Has too much emphasis on the business instead of users and their needs

Web Content Sitemapping

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Not only is each piece of content on your site valuable on its own, but when you put it together into an organized outline it adds even more value. This outline is called a sitemap.

  • Organizes your website content
  • Creates strong website structure
  • Important for SEO


The sitemap provides a logical structure to your content so that people and search engines gain understand what you’re all about. Sitemapping is the process of mapping out this outline and deciding which pages fit where on your website. The sitemapping process involves listing all website URLs, organizing the list into a logical hierarchy, and mapping out the website navigation menus.

Web Content Services from Blayzer Digital in St. Louis, MO

Blayzer can help you fill your website with quality content that tells your story, wows your visitors, and supports your business goals. Our content team are  experts at learning all about your business, deeply researching your industry, and taking the task of crafting content both for you and about you. We’ve crafted content for an incredibly wide range of companies. Just looking around our hometown of St. Louis, you can find restaurants, manufacturers, retailers, construction companies, IT providers, tech startups, and many MANY more types of businesses drawing traffic and winning sales with web content created by Blazyer.