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Why does email marketing continues to be ranked by marketers as the number one channel for lead generation? The answer is simple. Because it works.

Something like 96% of people use email and marketing with email has shown time and again to have higher ROI and lower cost per lead than other forms of marketing. In fact, the DIrect Marketing Association (DMA) reported an average return of $44.25 for every dollar spent in 2014 – the highest of all direct marketing channels.

While email marketing’s value to your sales pipeline hasn’t changed much over the years, the methodology behind it is constantly evolving. Blayzer’s email marketing specialists keep our finger on the pulse of the industry to bring the latest and greatest tools, tactics, and techniques to every campaign we deploy.

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Full-Funnel Email Marketing Services

At Blayzer we follow a process of Full-Funnel Email Marketing. This just means that our campaigns are designed to address all three major areas of the typical sales and marketing funnel.

  • Top of Funnel – Break the ice with CAN-SPAM compliant prospecting outreach campaigns.
  • Middle of Funnel – Crank up the heat with lead nurturing email campaigns.
  • Bottom of Funnel – Keep the fire burning with feature-rich email newsletters.
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Let’s face it – making new friends is hard. Competition is high, everyone is busy and distracted, and it can be hard to break through goliath competitors to vie for users’ attention online. A CAN-SPAM compliant email prospecting campaign can help capture new B2B business opportunities, grow your marketing contact list, and drive web traffic.

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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You can also lead a web user to your shopping cart, but you can’t make them buy. You can, however, stay in touch and keep reminding them why they should complete their journey. A nurturing campaign is an email series designed to gently gain trust and nudge the user towards conversion or some other marketing goal. Nurturing can also be used in other ways, like new product rollouts, customer onboarding, post-sale retention and engagement, and more.

Learn All About Email Nurturing


If you only have room for one email campaign in your marketing budget, make it an email newsletter. Newsletters are an easy and economical way to stay in touch with your contact list, feed your readers’ appetite for information, and drive high quality traffic to your website. Newsletters integrate well within a broader marketing strategy, giving you a place to share your content and generating plenty of data for analysis and reporting.

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Show Your Email List Some Love

Your contact list is your business’s single most valuable asset. Isn’t it time to start treating it that way? Blayzer has spent years cultivating relationships with top data providers and learning list management tools. We’ve been through the painful trial and error needed to truly understand what separates a good marketing list from a bad one. The result is a rock-solid list acquisition and management process that has proven to deliver marketing success.

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Email Is Easier WIth Marketing Automation

A well-rounded marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts. Websites, social media, ads, emails, events, content marketing… Each of these tactics on its own is complex enough, with special technologies, audiences, and content requirements. What happens when you want to connect various elements of your strategy together? Say you want to write a blog, Tweet about it, and send an email with a special offer to your customers who share the post? Dynamic, multi-channel efforts like this used to require incredible feats of marketing, if they could be done at all. Now Marketing Automation makes things much easier.

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How Much Help Do You Need With Email Marketing?

Our email marketing services are available as either full-service or managed-service programs, giving you as much or as little control and hands-on workload as you want.

We even offer training and consulting services for those who want to handle it all in-house. Sometimes you just need a little knowledge and guidance to get going, and the support of a good friend along the way. We want to be that friend for you. Our email marketing team has been developing and executing successful email marketing campaigns for nearly a decade. Whatever your needs are, let’s out our email marketing experience to work for you!