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Grow Prospects Into Leads

It’s a tale as old as time – a prospect expressed interest in your offer, but despite your best efforts the sale just won’t move forward. You don’t want to drop the ball, but there are hotter opportunities stacking up on your plate. How can you keep those prospects simmering on the backburner without investing too much time and energy – or worse, letting them grow cold? The answer is email nurturing.

What Is Email Nurturing?

Email nurturing campaigns make it easy to stay in touch with your entire backlog of lukewarm leads and “not-ready-to-buys” with minimal hands-on sales time or resource investment. They’re also a great solution for welcome series, loyalty and retention, re-engagement, win-back, customer service, and up-sell programs.

Blayzer’s email nurturing campaigns consist of an automated email series, sometimes called a “drip”. Because these campaigns are front-loaded and automated, requiring little manual maintenance, they’re a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your business top-of-mind with your prospects, so when they are ready to buy you are the first call they make.

Email Nurturing Campaign Goals

  • Increase trust, interest, & desire to act
  • Educate prospects about your products & services
  • Generate demand
  • Drive web, social, & blog traffic
  • Grow your brand authority in the marketplace

Blayzer Email Nurturing Services

Blayzer designs and executes CAN-SPAM-compliant email nurture campaigns to build strong business relationships and sales opportunities for our clients. Our campaigns are strategically crafted to maximize deliverability, command attention in the inbox, and drive action.

A typical Blayzer email nurturing campaign includes:

  • Strategic development
  • Campaign management
  • List services
  • Content development & custom copywriting
  • HTML template design & production
  • Email delivery
  • Lead management
  • Results tracking, analysis, and reporting

Managed Service Option: You provide the creative elements, we run the campaign. We save time, you save money. Just one example of how we work with our clients to find ways to keep costs under control and accelerate the campaign cycle.