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Make the Most of Your Marketing List

Your list is your business’s single most valuable asset. Isn’t it time to start treating it that way?

Now more than ever, marketing is truly all about the list. “Big Data” has gotten huge, and businesses everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on the best and most complete list possible – or at least a better list than their competitors. They’re finding that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Technology barriers, sky-high costs and plain old dishonesty have made growing your marketing list a long and painful process.

Blayzer has spent years cultivating relationships with top data providers and management tools. We’ve been through the painful trial and error needed to truly understand what separates a good list from a bad one. The result of this investment is a rock-solid list acquisition and management process that has proven to deliver marketing success.

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When it comes to acquiring marketing lists, you have 3 main options: Build, Buy, or Borrow.



It takes a lot of time and keen research skills, but building a list from scratch typically yields a fresher, more accurate and targeted audience for your marketing and lead generation campaigns. Whether you need to centralize and format existing data from across your business or want to create a brand new list from square one, Blayzer’s expert data team can build you the list of your dreams.



If building a list by hand doesn’t sound doable, an easier (though riskier) alternative is to buy one. Purchasing a list can be confusing the first few times around. Not only can the process send creative-minded marketers running for the hills, but the data provider marketplace is clouded by disreputable organizations selling junk lists. A lot of businesses have been burned by buying a bad list. You could follow in their footsteps and feel the pains of list acquisition for yourself. Or, you could leverage Blayzer’s experience and save yourself the headache. We’ve vetted and built strong relationships with a handful of quality data sources for purchased lists. We don’t recommend buying lists to every client, but when the strategy requires, we can point you in a reputable direction.



An alternative method that has grown more popular in recent years is borrowing, or renting contact lists. In addition to the traditional system of publishers and brands renting out their contact lists to third party marketers, new services have popped up on the market that provide access to a searchable or downloadable database of contacts for a subscription free. This option gives you access to high volumes of data at a relatively low cost, and is a great fit for companies with broad appeal and many target audiences. Blayzer can help you choose a reputable data partner and assist you with using the solution to its fullest potential.

list cleanup

Marketing list management is dirty work. Let us clean it up! Blayzer has the tools and expertise (and don’t forget the patience!) to tackle your list cleanup projects and maximize the value of your data.

  • Email list hygiene & opt in validation
  • Decision maker verification
  • Record scrubbing & de-duplication
  • Formatting & cleanup

Data Append

What if you have a list, but it’s incomplete or growing old? Can you simply update or add to the information you already have? Yes, you can, through a process called data append. With data appends you can do things like match email addresses to a direct mail list or take advantage of Facebook and Twitter custom/tailored audiences to laser target your social advertising.

Using many of the same reputable data sources we use for list acquisition Blayzer can enhance your existing list with all sorts of useful marketing data:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media links
  • Contact names & titles
  • Firmographics (revenue, # employees, year founded, etc.)