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Grow Online Sales, Revenue & Market Share

There was a time in history when commerce was tethered to location. Merchants and makers were limited by who they could reach and sell their goods to. Ecommerce changed everything. A business can now show and sell its products to anyone, anywhere, anytime via the worldwide web. Marco Polo would be green with envy.

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers can all benefit from a strong ecommerce solution. Even if you don’t want to process payments and manage inventory, an ecommerce web platform can be used to properly showcase your products and capture leads through a contact form. Then if you decide to sell online later on, it’s just a matter of setting up the checkout process.

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We Love Ecommerce!

We love ecommerce projects because they are fun. They’re a lot of work, too, but we thoroughly enjoy planning, designing and building your solutions and shaping better online store experiences. The process brings our whole team together to collaborate with you and ultimately create something special and unique. Our ecommerce stack master, designer, front and back end developers, product data specialists, and SEO and content experts all come together to bring your store to life. And once they’re launched, they provide tons of measurable data for our marketing specialists to analyze and optimize. For geeks like us, ecommerce solutions are a total dream come true!

Our Favorite Ecommerce Platforms


If you want to grow BIG with ecommerce, BigCommerce can't be beat. Blayzer is your certified BigCommerce partner in St. Louis, MO.


Ecommerce can be easy, too! WooCommerce is the simple way to add online shopping to your WordPress website or blog.


Bridge the gap between complex digital and offline commerce with Magento. Our developers work confidently in this advanced solution.


If you can dream it, we can build it in OpenCart. Our developers do amazing things with this open source ecommerce package.

You’re Going to Love Your New Ecommerce Solution. Here’s Why.



Other solutions simply cannot match the level of customization we can achieve with Magento, Open Cart or BigCommerce. These powerful, but flexible solutions can accommodate complex business rules and functionalities, including non-standard checkouts, huge inventories, complex promotions, or almost anything you could dream up. Yes, anything is possible with a strong ecommerce developer like Blayzer.



Blayzer’s ecommerce and catalog solutions are designed for integration. You’re not limited to a fixed set of features. Rather, we deliver exactly what you need for your business. Through plugins, extensions, and custom API integrations, we can connect your ecommerce store to other business solutions like accounting software, ERP and inventory systems, shipping and fulfillment solutions, CRM and marketing automation platforms, and more.


Bespoke Solutions

You dream it, we build it. Whether your site needs complex add-ons, auction scripts, or custom shipping calculators we can advise you on the vast resources, software packages, and open source freeware on the web and integrate them, or we can we build it from scratch. Your dream solutions probably cost less than you expect. Contact us for a custom bid.



  • Unique Checkouts: Blayzer can customize your shopping cart and checkout experience. Most ready-hosted ecommerce websites follow the same checkout logic and cart layouts for everyone. In other words, it’s one-size-fits-all, not tailored to your particular business or your shoppers. It hurts your brand to look like everyone else. It makes you less memorable and the logical flow may not fit the way you do business. We can tailor your shopping cart to wow your customers beyond just meeting their most basic checkout needs.
  • Future-Ready: As your business grows, a ready-hosted ecommerce service may not add the features you need to grow your business to the next level. You may have little or no control over future development or upgrades. This is why Blayzer provides open source solutions. At your project’s completion, you’ll have full access and rights to the source code. In other words, you won’t be stuck and you can control future development.
  • Open Source Ownership: If you lack the source code for your ecommerce website, and your web developer goes bust or changes ownership, you’re stuck. In the worst case scenario, you’d have to start over from scratch. That’s never the case with open source solutions from Blayzer since you receive full rights to the source code at the project’s conclusion.
  • Hosting & Server Resources: Because Blayzer uses open source platforms and offers virtual private cloud hosting, we can quickly and dynamically customize your ecommerce web hosting on a scale that is suitable for your fast growing online business. As your traffic grows, we can upgrade your hosting. We can also temporarily allocate more resources during a promotion, sales event, or peak shopping season. Learn more about our hosting solutions.



“Don’t make me think…”
The essence of usability is summed up perfectly in this phrase, which is the title of Steve Krug’s famous book, Don’t Make Me Think (a web-industry standard text). Visitors don’t have time to figure out your website. Either make your action items obvious and easy or they’ll leave.

A usable site doesn’t set up unnecessary roadblocks that risk overloading the frustration factor. We keep things simple and test thoroughly to find and remove possible frustrations that could derail the checkout train.

Ecommerce is an interactive user experience, so we treat it like one. We carefully consider design elements like icons and images, consistent labeling, color logic, page layouts, calls-to-action, and more to create ecommerce designs that drive more sales and revenue.

Stop thinking “online shopping” and start thinking “online business”! Blayzer can design and build a one-of-a-kind ecommerce solution for you. Contact us for ecommerce development in St. Louis, MO and beyond!