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It’s Time to Add Video Content to Your Strategy

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Your vision for your brand is bigger than text and pictures on a page. Why settle when you can tell your story much clearer through custom video content with dynamic sound, motion, and graphics?

Video has changed the face of marketing and brands are cashing in. Turns out, video is good for a lot more than catching views on YouTube and adding flair to your website. Video has many uses across your marketing strategy and is one of the most valuable types of content you can create for your brand.

Why Use Video Content in Your Marketing?

Video Is Versatile!

Video content can be used in many places including your website, blog posts, ecommerce store, email campaigns, social media, digital ads, events, and real-world environments.

Video Is Powerful!

It can take the spotlight as your main focus, help reinforce your key ideas, or add subtle visual interest alongside other content.

Video Is Proven!

Video content gets higher click-through rates when used on social media, email marketing, and online advertising.

Where to Use Video Content?

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No matter where your audience is interacting with your brand, there is an opportunity to use video content. Learn more about using video for marketing.

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Events
  • Presentations
  • Meetings

and more!

Benefits of Video Content

According to Wyzowl, a vast majority of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy for the year ahead. In fact, the majority of this majority are already using video now and nearly all of them plan to continue doing so. The reason why video content is so popular is clear when you consider the benefits. What else has the potential to do so much for your business?

  • Drives inbound web traffic
  • Improves traffic performance (and therefore SEO rankings)
  • Increases marketing awareness & engagement
  • Tells your story better than words and images alone
  • Informs & educates your audience
  • Reduces confusion & support requests
  • Generates sales leads
  • Boosts ecommerce revenue

Types of Video Content

Deciding whether you should use video content for your brand in 2020 is honestly a no-brainer. The answer is clearly YES. The hard question is deciding what kinds of video content you will need. Below is a list of popular types of videos for businesses and brands. Blayzer can help you figure out what fits best in your strategy. Give us a call to talk to a video content expert in St. Louis, MO!

Brand Overview Video

Highlight your brand’s mission, vision, story, and identity with a brand reel or “company overview” video.

Explainer Video

Help people understand your complex concepts, products, and services better. Educate your buyers and tell your story in an easy to follow problem/solution/results format.

Employee Spotlight

Put a name and face to the people in charge of your business and customer experiences. Use video to spotlight your executives, account reps, and key staff members with important or interesting roles.

Video Presentation

Turn your boring PowerPoint slideshows into exciting, engaging video presentations that hold attention better and leave a more memorable impression.

Webinar Video

Take your audience to school with class-length lessons or educational sessions. Webinar video can include streaming during a live event or recording and editing a live webinar to be packaged and shared after the fact.

Training Video

Potential customers aren’t the only ones who need to know how you do things. Teach your team how to do their jobs the right way, right away with professionally produced employee training videos.

Video Testimonial

What’s even more powerful than a success story? The same story told from the customer’s point of view. Let your happy customers speak about their experiences and the value you’ve delivered.

Demo Reel

Showcase your products or processes and let your customers see what you’re capable of with a product or service demo video.

Vlog (Video Blog)

One of the easiest ways to get started with video content is to repackage your written blog posts, web pages, and sales content as videos, then share them across the web to reach and engage a wider audience.

Expert Q&A Video

Host a Q&A with internal and external experts. Interviews and roundtable-style Q&A videos are a great way to highlight your team members while reinforcing your brand’s guiding principles and processes.

Event Video

Capture highlights and key takeaways from your conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other corporate events. Great for building registration buzz and creating a sense of community around your events.

Tutorial Video

Take a "hands-on" approach to educating your customers and prospects with tutorials that show how to accomplish various tasks on your website or how to use your products and services.

Video Case Study

Tell a customer success story in a news-magazine profile style that’s proven to appeal to viewers.

Branded Video Elements

Not every piece of video content needs to be a big production with a full story to tell. Sometimes you just need a little movement for a web page background or interactive feature, social media banner, digital ad, or display monitor. We can cover your needs and help you envision possibilities you might have overlooked.

Get Video Content in St. Louis, Missouri

Blayzer has teamed up with our sister company, Phat Buddha Productions, to provide video content services in St. Louis, Missouri. Blayzer helps you find video content opportunities in your digital strategy, incorporates video into your website, and takes your videos to market. Phat Buddha provides creative vision and deep video production expertise to create top-quality video content. Together we can unleash the full power of your brand with a comprehensive video strategy, professional production, and marketing services that put video to work for your business.