Your website is the online representation for your business and

first impressions are everything.

A strong web design can immediately immerse a visitor in your brand and draw their attention to the most important elements of your site.

The Old Way

When Blayzer first started out in the web development business way back in 1998, the process of designing a website was much different than it is today. Back then, site designs typically started with a PDF mockup, and then the website was hand-coded to match the design. While this approach allowed companies to create a sites that looked exactly like they wanted, they were also usually very expensive and lacking in functional features. In essence, people were spending tens of thousands of dollars for a clickable online brochure. If they could afford it, that is. Many upstarts and small/mid-sized businesses were left with few options, and their lackluster sites showed it.

The New Way

Today the website design pendulum has swung far to the other side, with templates and drag-and-drop builders frequently taking the place of true design creativity. There are lot of different reasons for this, including the rise of mobile devices and other new technologies, accessibility needs, and a focus on conversion and UI/UX optimization. For many businesses, it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel when you can buy one off the rack. Unfortunately, “off the rack” is exactly the look and functionality they’ll end up with.

The Best Way

Blayzer’s website design approach falls between these two extremes. We start with a mobile-responsive design framework and configure layouts for your various user experience and content needs. Next we add logos, images, graphics, icons, fonts and CSS styles to fit your brand. Then we fill in your content. And lastly we use our advanced tools and capabilities to tailor each element and add next-level customizations and interactive features that leave pre-made themes in the dust.

Website designs created by our team will incorporate innovative design concepts and unique takes on the latest design trends to customize your site uniquely to your brand and your business. Our team can work with the content management system or ecommerce platform of your choice to bring your design to life.

Check out our portfolio to see some of our standout web design work.

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