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Will You Read This Web Page?

The latest web usability stats say probably not. Instead, modern wisdom predicts most visitors will read at most 28 words as they skim through this content.*

We live in a highly visual world. The popularity of social media, memes, emojis, comics, and videos are clear evidence of our innate affinity for imagery. But while celebrities and everyday people might be comfortable communicating through selfies, videos, memes, and hashtags, it isn’t so simple for businesses. Yes, you still need to catch eyes, turn heads, and “be authentic”. But at some point a business needs to sell something, and for that you’re going to have some explaining to do.

Don’t just tell your story in plain old text – show the world who you are with stellar graphics.

Popular Types of Website Graphics & Imagery

Graphics are great because they help you quickly communicate your ideas to someone without a lot of effort on their part. Thoughtfully using the right graphics throughout your web, digital, and print assets will make it easier for people to understand your content, your brand, and your business.

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  • Banners & Calls-to-Action
  • Photographs (custom or stock)
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Data & Process Visualizations
  • Infographics
  • Gifs & Animations
  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • And much, much more!

Why Do You Need Web Graphics?

  • SEO (great for indexing and bounce rate, attract traffic from Images search)
  • Sales (showcase your products, team and facilities, reinforce key value and offers)
  • Engagement (lowers traffic bounce rate, guides visitors’ eyes to the right info and features)
  • Accessibility (images can be easier on older or strained eyes and help simplify complex ideas)

Contact Blayzer in St. Louis for Graphic Design

Blayzer’s graphic artists are experts at finding and creating powerful graphics and imagery to support your business and marketing objectives. We use a mix of photographs and illustrated graphics in our designs, depending on the client’s brand and preferences. Where needed, we can arrange a professional custom photo shoot to capture images for a website or marketing project. Contact us for a consultation!

*Humans might not read every word of your content, but search engine robots most certainly do. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization.