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Why Do You Need a Great Logo?

A logo might not be ALL that your branding entails, but it certainly is the heart of it. Great logos are immediately identifiable. They are not only recognizable and eye-catching, but they communicate the essence of the brand to anyone who encounters them.

A great logo can help your company win new customers and become the Apple, Amazon, Starbucks, FedEx, or Nike of your market. A bad logo can send the wrong message, hurt your credibility, or render your brand completely forgettable.

close up of the designer's two monitors, one with different versions of a logo that is being worked on and a screensaver of her dogs

Examples of Great Logo Designs by Blayzer Digital in St. Louis MO

Blayzer offers professional logo design services to help you build a winning brand. We can give an old logo a modern touch up, thoughtfully transform a logo for the next generation, or create a new logo completely from scratch. Take a look at these examples of logos Blayzer has created for other brands.

midwest ecommerce summit logo that blayzer's designer created

Benefits of Having a Great Logo

  • Allows you to stand out
  • Anchors your branding
  • Gets your message across
  • Builds recognition & trust
  • Strengthens internal identity

What Makes a Logo Great?


Follows basic artistic & design principles (or breaks the rules in a smart, specific way)


Means something more than appealing colors, lines, and shapes


Not too trendy or dependent on external factors


Efficiently communicates a single message or idea


Design adapts well across various channels and mediums


Transitions smoothly to and from the next generation of your brand