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First Impressions Are Everything

Your website is your online headquarters for your business. Just like a physical storefront, your site design must make a statement, tell your story, and draw users in to explore.

Having a creative, well designed website, application, or ecommerce store is not just about having it look appealing to the eye. A strong website design can immediately immerse your visitors in your brand and direct their attention where you want it the most. Good web design increases user engagement and drives conversion behavior.

Web Designs by Blayzer in St. Louis, MO

Blayzer’s skillful web designers incorporate time-tested design principles, innovative artistic concepts, and the latest UI/UX trends into every project. We start with a kickoff meeting to delve into your marketing strategy so we can design a site that appeals to your target audience and supports your business goals. Blayzer’s web designs are uniquely crafted for your brand, your users, and your business. They translate seamlessly into development within your selected content management system, ecommerce platform, or development framework.

Check out our portfolio to see some of our standout web design work.

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What Kind of Web Design Do You Need?

Your website design is actually a combination of many different design elements into a cohesive experience. Which of these common web design elements does your site need?

  • Home Page
  • Internal Content Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Headers, Footers & Sidebars
  • Galleries & Portfolios
  • Blogs & News Centers
  • Product Catalogs
  • Ecommerce Experiences
  • Custom Applications
  • Mobile Apps

The Web Design Process

Today’s websites look a whole lot different than they did in the past. The process of designing them has changed a lot over the years, too. Here’s a look at how web design has evolved.


The Old Way

When Blayzer first started out in the web development business way back in 1998, site designs typically started with a PDF mockup and then the website was hand-coded to match the design down to the last pixel. This allowed companies to get a site that looked exactly like they wanted, but it was also very expensive and many sites lacked in terms of functional features. Basically, people were spending tens of thousands of dollars for a clickable online brochure. Many upstarts and small/mid-sized businesses were left with few options, and their lackluster sites showed it.


The New Way

With time and technology advancement, the website design pendulum has swung far to the other side. Brandable website templates and drag-and-drop builders now frequently take the place of true design creativity. For many businesses, it just doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel when you can buy one off the rack. Unfortunately, “off the rack” is exactly the look and functionality most will end up with following this approach. These sites often have a short shelf life and underwhelming experience for both the user and the business.


The Best Way

Blayzer’s website design approach falls in between these two extremes. We typically start with a mobile-responsive design framework and configure layouts for your user experience and content needs. Next we add your logos, images, graphics, icons, fonts and CSS styles to fit your branding. Then we fill in your content, custom apps, and integrations. And lastly we use our advanced tools and custom development capabilities to fine-tune the site with features that leave off-the-rack theme sites in the dust.