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Meet NMI.

The latest payment solution that offers payment solutions as unique as your business, all on a single gateway platform

What Is NMI?

NMI is a unified commerce enablement platform used to drive new value, extend your brand, create new revenue streams and achieve disruptive results. Whether your business needs a white label payment gateway solution that caters to ecommerce, mobile, retail and unattended, or just one of them, NMI’s platform can help. NMI makes it easy to process any payment from anywhere, enable new payment methods for your business, and maintain control over your pricing and brand.

Who Uses NMI?

NMI provides ISOs, Fintech Innovators, and Technologists the freedom to focus on what they do best, liberating them from restricted payment solutions and giving them access to the latest payment technology now and in the future. NMI works collaboratively with companies across North America and Europe such as NCR, Gravity Payments, POYNT, and more, enabling them to sell more, innovate, and grow.

How Is NMI Different Than Other Payment Gateways?

NMI’s Unified Commerce Strategy will put your business ahead of the curve, and keep you there. After powering $100+ billion a year in payments for 2,700+ technology partners and 240,000+ merchants, NMI has adapted a strong viewpoint about commerce in the digital economy. What sets NMI apart from other payment gateways are some of its key features including tokenization which allows cardholder data to be reused from previous transactions without having to store or secure it, security and fraud protection that enables partners and customers to offload the burden of payment security, a terminal management system that remotely manages your estate of payment devices, and so much more.

How Does Blayzer Add Value to NMi?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer can do more than just refer NMI to its clients. We can help retailers integrate NMI with their ecommerce stores seamlessly and with ease. Once NMI is fully integrated and up and running, Blayzer’s marketing experts can provide strategic consulting and services to help make the most of their new integration and latest payment gateway.

How Can I Learn More About NMI?

You can visit NMI’s website to explore on your own, or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll be happy to give you the high-level details and help you assess whether NMI is a fit for your needs. We can also connect you to an NMI expert for more information and even help you set up a solution demo if you’d like to learn more.