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Meet Refersion

Accelerate Your Affiliate Marketing

What Is Refersion?

Refersion allows you to easily manage and track your ambassador, influencer, and affiliate marketing programs. Effortlessly build your affiliate marketing network using Refersion’s tools, including custom commission structures, automated payment options, tax management, and campaign monitoring. With Refersion’s out-of-the-box integrations, you can connect to your whole ecommerce tech stack.

Who Uses Refersion?

Refersion has been enabling profitable partnerships for over 60,000 brands worldwide to assess the performance of their representatives and keep them incentivized and organized with features such as:

  • Reward Partners: Offer partners a commission or other incentives to keep them organized and motivated to sell your products.
  • Improve Channel Performance: Use the data collected by Refersion to make better marketing decisions and increase your revenue.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce your cost of sales by using Refersion to create a strong and motivated sales force.

How Is Refersion Different From Other Affiliate Marketing Management Software?

Through Refersion, you can make partnerships and grow them. You can enable your customers, channel partners, and other influencers to become your army of ambassadors to promote your products with Refersion. With a straightforward UI, Refersion allows you to instantly see your partnerships’ resulting success and quickly compensates those partners.

How Can Blayzer Help Me With Refersion?

As a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency, Blayzer Digital highly recommends Refersion to any retailer that wants to scale through an affiliate marketing program. First, we help our merchants integrate Refersion seamlessly into their existing systems within their business. Then, once Refersion is fully integrated and running, our marketing experts at Blayzer Digital provide strategic consulting and marketing services to make the most of Refersion’s features and integrations.

How Can I Learn More About Refersion?

If you like what you hear and you’re ready to get started, Refersion’s 14 Day Free Trial is a terrific first step to take. You can also visit Refersion’s website to explore more yourself or contact Blayzer for a guided introduction. We’ll happily share the high-level details and help you assess how Refersion can help you reach your goals. We can also connect you to a Refersion expert for more information and even help you set up a personal solution demo if you’d like to learn more.