Many web agencies and marketing companies add on pay per click services to round out their digital offerings without making it a focus.

Blayzer knows better.

We understand that winning on the web today is much more of a pay-to-play strategy than it was even just a year ago. Competition has increased. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other major players in online search and discovery are constantly updating their algorithms and making it more difficult to break through with organic tactics alone. Goliaths like Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, and top content publishers make it tough to get your voice heard and your products seen. Your pay per click investment and results are essential to your success.

That is why Blayzer has made a serious investment in our Pay Per Click marketing services in recent years. We have made Google a central focus, building up our resume of certifications and becoming an official Google Partner. We’ve co-hosted events with Google and forged a strong relationship with our dedicated Google Expert reps. We’ve also kept a close eye on other major PPC channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

It’s all added up to fantastic results for our clients:

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