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Powerful Solutions for Manufacturers.

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Make the Most of Your Web & Marketing Solutions.

For many manufacturers, distributors and retailers, the solutions that represent their brand online don’t really work for their business. Their websites are hard to manage and update. Their marketing campaigns aren’t producing results or aren’t easy to track. Product and customer data doesn’t flow smoothly throughout the organization. The lack of good digital strategy and effective online solutions can cause a lot of problems for companies that need to showcase, market and sell their products online.

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Common manufacturing web & marketing problems include:

  • Outdated website design, technology & content
  • Flat or declining web traffic, conversions & sales
  • Sales & marketing misalignment
  • Customer confusion & frustration
  • Internal process inefficiencies

A Boutique Agency for the Manufacturing Industry

A robust and manageable website, online catalog or ecommerce store and a well-rounded digital marketing plan that includes search, video and content strategies will help set your manufacturing company apart from competitors. Attracting new customers at a low cost is the key to increasing revenue and business growth in manufacturing. This is where Blayzer excels.

Blayzer is a full-service web company and digital marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri since 1998. We create integrated, innovative marketing strategies, content, and technology solutions for manufacturers who want to increase the ROI from their digital marketing dollars. Our mission is to help every client harness the full power of the web to drive revenue and efficiency in their manufacturing business.

How do we do it? Learn about our process  & approach

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Manufacturer Web & Marketing Results

We have worked with manufacturers like A.E. Schmidt Billiards, Personalized Fortune Cookies, Wee Ones, HY-C, Stemmerich Inc., and ZamZow on their digital strategies and web solutions. 

Visit our results portfolio to see recent success stories and examples of our work.

Powerful Solutions for Manufacturers. What Can Blayzer Do for You?


Strategy Solutions

It’s not enough to just have the right web solutions and marketing tools. You need a plan to make those solutions work together and create effective, efficient business growth. With every web project, Blayzer helps our clients build a proper strategy that assesses the target audience and current market situation, maps out efficient processes and timelines, and establishes coordinated goals and measurement. Each Blayzer strategy is completely unique and created just for you.


Web Solutions

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your website? It is looking fresh and up to date? Is it filled with professional content that makes you look good? Does that translate into leads and success for your business? Your website is just one part of your strategy, but it is a very important part. It is the foundation. A good construction company website should look and work great on any device, be easy to manage and update, support your sales process, and generate quality leads.


Marketing Solutions

A website left to stand on its own is not going to grow your business. It is the traffic, engagement, and conversions a site produces that creates value. Online marketing programs work to boost your traffic, reduce advertising and customer acquisition costs, and send conversion rates soaring. By combining online marketing efforts like SEO, local search, digital advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion optimization, Blayzer can transform your website into a lead-generating powerhouse.


Sales Solutions

Here’s a little secret most marketing and web companies won’t tell you: marketing alone may not be enough to keep your sales pipeline sizzling. Many companies – particularly in the construction, contracting, and trades industry where closing a deal takes more than a few clicks in an online shopping cart – need to take a more hands-on, proactive approach to converting contacts into customers. Blayzer’s email marketing and lead generation programs give our clients the extra push they need to drive sales.

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