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Powerful Solutions for Retail & Ecommerce.

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Your Next Customer Is Waiting to Be Wowed.

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Customers expect a lot from retailers these days, especially when it comes to technology. Digital ads and marketing messages need to be smart, timely, and targeted. Web and mobile ecommerce stores must work fast and flawlessly on any device. Today’s buyers demand amazing customer experiences. Merchants who lack a strong web strategy and solid technology solutions are setting themselves up to lose in the David vs. Goliath battle for online sales and market share.

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A Boutique Agency for Retail & Ecommerce Companies

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Blayzer in St. Louis, Missouri is a full-service web and marketing partner for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and other types of companies who need to show and sell products online. We offer complete strategy services, custom web development, and online marketing solutions that wow customers and deliver a high ROI.

To learn more about Blayzer’s solutions for retail and ecommerce, visit Blayzer does many things for many types of businesses, so we created a special place just to talk about the specific business needs and technology solutions of the ecommerce industry.

Powerful Solutions for Ecommerce Merchants. What Can Blayzer Do for You?


Strategy Solutions

There is no single formula that will launch your ecommerce website into immediate and long-term success. Every company’s path is different. It takes thoughtful evaluation, careful research, and smart planning to get to the top. In other words, it takes strategy.

Blayzer specializes in helping retailers map out strategies for success. We work with all types of B2B and B2C sellers, from newcomers needing a solid brand and business plan to disrupt the market, to established enterprises who want to bring in the experts to plan their next-level marketing strategy and architect new technology solutions.

Each strategy we craft includes the knowledge, creativity, and expertise of our entire team of executives, project managers, and design, development, and marketing directors. What can we get to work on for you?


Web Solutions

Many companies struggle with web and ecommerce solutions that don’t really work for their business. Their products and web content are hard to manage. Updating the site is a pain. Marketing campaigns aren’t easy to integrate, control, or track. Customer data doesn’t flow smoothly throughout their systems. Their “solutions” cause more problems than they solve. These conditions are not conducive to growth and profitability.

Whether you have just a few products or thousands of SKUs, Blayzer can build you a web solution that wows customers and fits your sales process. Whether you prefer an enterprise platform like BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento Commerce, or an open source platform like WooCommerce, Open Cart, and Magento Open Source, we will make the most of your budget and deliver incredible value. Learn more about our web design and development services for retail and ecommerce.


Marketing Solutions

Any company that sells products today understands the importance of online marketing to their business. Technology now plays a leading role in every stage of the customer lifecycle, from search and discovery to long-term retention and loyalty. Because of this, one of the smartest places for sellers to invest their resources is online, beginning with a rock-solid marketing strategy.

The best digital marketing strategies for retail and ecommerce combine channels like content, blogging, social media, pay-per-click, SEO, and conversion tactics to transform web and mobile solutions into lead-capturing, revenue-generating, customer-satisfying powerhouses. Learn more about Blayzer’s wide range of online marketing solutions for retail and ecommerce.


Sales Solutions

Any retailer, both online and off, knows how important traffic is to their business. Whether they are website visitors or bricks-and-mortar shoppers, keeping a steady flow of people through your store is a top priority.

Blayzer offers lead generation services to help retailers at two levels. First we drive visitors to your site or store. Then we help you convert that traffic into paying customers. Your next customer is out there waiting to be wowed. Let’s go get ‘em!

Why Choose Blayzer?

Blayzer is a full-service digital marketing group located in St. Louis, Missouri since 1998. We create integrated marketing strategies, campaigns, and technology solutions for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and ecommerce sellers who want to increase the ROI from their web and marketing budget. We’re on a mission is to help every company we work with harness the full power of the web to drive revenue and efficiency in their business.

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