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Brass App

Brass: Elite Marksmanship is an all-in-one dry fire training companion mobile app offering personalized and data-driven feedback, a diverse library of drills, and an intuitive interface. With Brass App, users have the power to take their shooting skills to new heights, whether they are a recreational shooter, a self-defense practitioner, a law enforcement professional, or a seasoned marksman.

Every popular mobile app needs a solid website to serve as its hub for technical support, customer service, sales and marketing, and its user community. Blayzer started our work with Brass App at the strategic level, crafting a digital marketing stratgegy that outlined everything needed for the website and online marketing campaigns. With our strategic direction set, we got to work building a new WordPress CMS web solution and crafting marketing campaigns and content. We launched with a BANG and have continued to support them with ongoing SEO, social media, digital advertising, and content marketing services.

Brass App
Digital Marketing Strategy
Mobile Responsive Website Design
WordPress Web Development
Secure WordPress Web Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Video Production
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising
Search Engine Marketing

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