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4 Health Farms is a sustainable farm in Missouri specializing in raising Wagyu cattle for premium quality beef products. They focus on healthy practices by feeding their cattle a combination of grass, alfalfa hay, and hydroponic sprouts, believing this method enhances the nutritional value and flavor of the meat.

At Blayzer Digital, we were excited to collaborate with 4 Health Farms on their ecommerce journey. We recognized the need for a robust online platform to match their premium Wagyu beef offerings. We implemented BigCommerce Enterprise’s B2B edition, a platform ideally suited for wholesale buyers, to streamline their sales process. Additionally, we integrated ShipStation for efficient order fulfillment and Recharge Subscriptions to enable recurring deliveries for customers, fostering long-term loyalty and revenue growth for 4 Health Farms. To ensure a seamless checkout experience, Avalara AvaTax was integrated for accurate sales tax calculations.

Our work extended beyond the ecommerce platform. We developed a targeted digital marketing strategy to drive qualified traffic to the new website. The user-friendly and visually appealing website we designed reflects 4 Health Farms’ brand identity and commitment to quality. The meticulously developed ecommerce store itself ensures a smooth buying experience for their customers. We customized BigCommerce to perfectly match 4 Health Farms’ specific needs and branding, and ensured seamless back-office integration for efficient order processing and inventory management. Our expertise also included advising them on the best technology stack and implementing comprehensive SEO to help 4 Health Farms connect with their ideal customers online.

The outcome? A best-in-class ecommerce experience that allows 4 Health Farms to showcase their premium Wagyu beef directly to consumers and wholesalers, driving recurring sales revenue and establishing them as a leader in the sustainable, high-quality meat market.

4 Health Farms
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