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Multipure offers a wide range of drinking water treatment systems and related products covering home, garden, travel, and more. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main goal for this project was to level up Multipure on all fronts in the digital space: Platform, Tech Stack, Design, User Experience, Performance, Ecommerce Features, SEO, Process Efficiency, etc.

Working closely with the Multipure team, Blayzer helped them revamp their sitemap and content, migrate from ShopSite and WordPress to BigCommerce, and integrate a suite of technology solutions to streamline and enhance back-office operations, marketing, and the customer experience. We made extensive design and development customizations to fit the brand and business needs, and created an exceptional showcase of the enhanced content and elevated ecommerce experience that can be delivered with BigCommerce. Our ecommerce marketing experts also coordinated with Multipure’s longtime SEO agency partner to ensure a lossless transition of their SEO into the new solution. Check it out!

Ecommerce Development Strategy
BigCommerce Store Design
BigCommerce Development
BigCommerce Customization
Content Migration & Page Development
WordPress Blog Migration
Product Data Migration
Customer Data Migration
Shipping Integrations
Payment Integrations
Affiliate Coupon Solution Integration
Ecommerce SEO









Multipure is dedicated to better water, better health, and a better lifestyle. They are America’s premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water treatment systems that reduce a wide range of contaminants and provide clean, healthy drinking water at an affordable price. Multipure offers a wide range of products covering home, garden, travel, and more. The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • Sell more products!
  • Streamline their web solution
  • Change content messaging from “Why” to “How” as the market has evolved
  • Shift from affiliate sales driven to online sales driven business model
  • Extend their high-quality customer experience to their online presence


Multipure's old web solution consisted of multiple pieces of aging technology stitched together:

Content Website

ShopSite Ecommerce Store

WordPress Blog

Not only was this stitched-together solution a bit clunky from a user experience perspective, but there were big issues with data flow and process inefficiency on the back end as well. It also created some interesting challenges for SEO. The old solution had taken the company a long way, but it was time for an upgrade.

Multipure set out to create a streamlined solution in BigCommerce that ties all the elements together, improves back-office efficiency, and puts the products and ecommerce experience front and center. To accomplish this in an organized and efficient manner, they enlisted the services of Blayzer Digital, a full-service BigCommerce Certified Partner agency with extensive ecommerce strategy, design, development, and marketing expertise.




Blayzer Digital provided a wide range of ecommerce agency services for this project, including:

  • Tech Stack Strategy
  • BigCommerce Store Design
  • BigCommerce Development
  • BigCommerce Customization
  • Product Data Migration
  • Customer Data Migration
  • Content Migration
  • WordPress Blog Migration
  • Custom Form & Page Development
  • Shipping Integrations
  • Payment Integrations
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking Integration
  • Product Subscription Integration
  • Geo-Targeting Integration
  • Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce Strategy

Multipure's new technology strategy put ecommerce at the center.

At the heart of Multipure’s technology challenge was a shift in its business strategy to keep up with an evolving market. Consumers no longer need as much convincing, either by website content or affiliate influence, that they need clean drinking water solutions. They understand the value Multipure offers and now need a more product-driven online experience, with content geared more toward supporting product choice rather than selling the product upfront.

Selling a product in an ecommerce store is just the beginning. The payment needs to be processed, and the order needs to be fulfilled and shipped. Information needs to be collected for marketing and customer service. Unique business models and processes call for a unique set of solutions. In addition to its design and development requirements, Multipure also had special needs for affiliate tracking, product subscriptions, and geotargeting of international traffic. Everything needed to work seamlessly with Multipure’s ecommerce platform of choice, BigCommerce.

Blayzer’s resident “Stack Master”, CEO Brad Goldenberg, worked closely with Multipure and BigCommerce during the early stages of the project to identify the right combination of technology solutions that would meet Multipure’s needs. By identifying these technologies and partners early on, we were able to build them into the solution from the start and avoid costly backtracking.

BigCommerce Design

Once the technology strategy is set, the first step in Blayzer's ecommerce solution building process is design.

Multipure provided some documents outlining its design requirements and a new condensed sitemap. We had a kickoff meeting between our design and marketing teams and the client to better understand their wants and needs, and especially learn more about their buyers. Using the client’s notes and the insights gained during our kickoff meeting, Blayzer designed multiple BigCommerce page sets for Multipure’s new site:

During the design process, we helped Multipure update and fine-tune its brand style guide. They locked in their precise color palette and established new standards for button shapes, fonts, and other design elements.

ShopSite + WordPress Migration to BigCommerce

Once the base page designs are all set, the next step in Blayzer's process is to migrate data and content.

Multipure’s new sitemap brought the site from 50+ content pages down to just 30 pages. Blayzer advised on some adjustments to the sitemap and planned the migration of existing content into the new solution. We ensured that no pages were overlooked and that every piece of content had a new home either on the streamlined site or on the cutting room floor.

The migration also included many updates to the product catalog structure. Blayzer configured new product categories, subcategories, and custom product options. We configured the product data file for the new solution and managed the data migration from ShopSite into BigCommerce. Blayzer migrated all the products and product content, including images, descriptions, and related PDF documents.

We migrated over 200+ coupons, which included many affiliate codes necessary for sales commission tracking. We also migrated the customer and order data from ShopSite to BigCommerce.

And finally, we migrated the blog. We ported over 80 selected posts from Multipure’s library of ~300 total blog posts from WordPress to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Content Development

Due to big changes in the sitemap, getting the 30 pages of updated content into the new BigCommerce solution would take more than a migration. The pages would need to be built out by hand.

Multipure had spent a lot of time and effort creating a lot of information-rich and interactive web content over the years, including the latest overhaul to fit the new solution’s slimmed-down sitemap. It was very important that Blayzer get the look and feel of the content pages just right. We utilized Shogun Page Builder to add enhanced page design capabilities beyond the standard page builder. Not only did we use Shogun to build the informational content pages, but we used it on the product pages as well.

The results? Just some of the best-looking content we've ever seen on an ecommerce site!

BigCommerce Customizations

We made many BigCommerce design and development customizations along the way. Some of this project's notable customizations include:

  • Custom Breadcrumbs
  • Instagram Feed
  • Custom Quick View
  • Shopping Cart Count Tag
  • Custom Site Search UI
  • Checkout Customizations
  • Custom Product Options
  • Custom Order Invoice & Packing Slip PDF Design
  • Custom Transactional Email Design
  • Custom HTML Sitemap Page
  • Mobile Optimization

BigCommerce Technology Integrations

Blayzer integrated many tech stack solutions with Multipure's BigCommerce store, including:

Custom Features

Geo-Targeted International Landing Pages

Since Multipure is a global business, it needed a solution to redirect international traffic to a specific set of landing pages based on the user’s IP location. For this, Blayzer integrated GeoTargetly. Global users now land on a relevant location-specific page when visiting outside the United States.

Product Subscription Payments

Another special need for the Multipure solution is the ability to offer product subscriptions. Multipure’s products include replaceable filters and parts, and Multipure offers a subscription service to get new ones delivered to customers on a routine basis. Blayzer integrated, a full-stack subscription commerce platform, to handle this.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

While Multipure is evolving to become a more ecommerce-focused business, its affiliate sales program for builders is still an important part of its business model. To keep track of builder affiliate sales and pay accurate commissions for online sales, we migrated over 200 existing coupon codes and integrated LeadDyno, a solution for growing and managing affiliate, influencer, and referral programs.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Blayzer collaborated with Multipure’s established SEO agency on search engine optimization for the new site. We conducted keyword research and recommended new SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions for the site. The other SEO agency combined these with their ongoing objectives to freshen up both technical and on-page SEO. We mapped the 301 redirects from the old site URLs to new ones. The other agency then combined this with their existing list of over 3k redirects from previous site changes. Together, we ensured a lossless transition of Multipure’s SEO across the migration and set them on a path for even greater success in search.

Working With BigCommerce

Powerful Ecommerce Platform

Multipure is a unique business with a specialized way of going to market and doing business. A limited, boxed-in solution simply could not meet their needs, and they were weary of paying for redundancies and features they did not need. Multipure knew that they needed a flexible, extensible, and scalable platform at the heart of their ecommerce solution. That’s why they chose BigCommerce and the flexibility of Open SaaS. As Certified BigCommerce Partner experts, the Blayzer team was able to mold and customize every aspect of the solution, from big things like page designs, catalog structure, and checkout process down to the finest details like Site Search UI and Breadcrumb styling.

Open-SaaS Flexibility

Customizing the customer experience and back-office operations to fit Multipure’s exact needs was easily accomplished through development with BigCommerce’s powerful enterprise integrations and ecommerce apps. For features like product subscription, affiliate coupon tracking, geotargeted redirects, shipping and fulfillment, payment processing, and more, BigCommerce and Blayzer Digital recommended various highly-rated tech stack solutions known for their robust integration with BigCommerce. The resulting ecommerce solution is full of beautiful and functional content, has a smooth and seamless customer experience, and follows through with streamlined data flow and back-end processes – all possible because of BigCommerce and Open SaaS.

Super Support

Replatforming an ecommerce store is an enormous undertaking that involves many stakeholders and a lot of fine details. Throughout the project, BigCommerce provided valued guidance and support to both Multipure and Blayzer Digital. In weekly strategy and production meetings and calls with tech stack integration partners, they fielded questions, coordinated connections with platform engineers and technical support, and helped to keep the project on track and moving forward. The project’s dedicated BigCommerce representative was able to answer questions about the open SaaS ecommerce platform’s features and capabilities. When necessary, they escalated questions to the engineering and support team and ensured that an answer was returned to Multipure or Blayzer Digital in a timely manner. As always, they were refreshingly easy to work with and contributed a great deal to the success of the project.








Multipure’s new BigCommerce solution launched in April of 2022 and has received excellent feedback from both staff and customers. With the new solution, new enhanced analytics are available for measuring success. Early numbers show significant performance improvements with the new solution, including a 17.6% decrease in bounce rate, 46.6% increase in pages viewed per session, and a 62.7% increase in average session duration. This shows that Multipure is achieving its goal of putting its products front and center and increasing shopping behaviors on the site.

Those behaviors are translating into conversions, too. So far the new BigCommerce solution is seeing a 51.18% higher ecommerce conversion rate than the old solution. Site speed has improved greatly, with average page load speed down 52.6% over the old solution. Mobile and tablet traffic has seen the greatest performance increases across the board.

This is just the beginning for Multipure and its new BigCommerce store. If you’re interested in starting your ecommerce success story, contact Blayzer Digital today!

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