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smartphone infographic

How to Create an Awesome Infographic

The world of digital marketing is changing at a fast pace. These days, the majority of people don’t like to read a bunch of text to get information. Instead, they prefer visuals, which makes visual content more effective to promote products and services than others.

That’s where Infographics come in.

What is an infographic?

It is a blend of information and graphics. Infographics allow us to tell a complete story of the data and are more engaging than most traditional ways of communicating data and information.

How Can You Create an Awesome Infographic?


Select the Right Topic.

- deliver what your audience wants. That’s the best way to create awesome infographics, which will be loved and shared a lot.


Keep it Simple.

- don’t go overboard on flashy graphics and 3D effects on your graphs. Infographic content should be quick, concise, and to the point, but should also be beautiful enough to grab a person’s attention and keep it.


Make sure the information you want to convey is what jumps out.

– not the methodology, or quality of the graphic design.


Tell a Story.

– purposely order the information within in your infographic, to engage the audience



- give careful thought to how elements relate to each other. The audience should see how each element fits together to form a bigger picture



- Keep using the same style throughout the entire infographic. This will prevent your infographic from looking cluttered, and will make it easier to read


Blank Space.

-Don’t overcrowd your infographics. It can overwhelm readers and make it difficult to read the information. Allow readers the breathing room to process the information


Practice, practice, practice.

- This might sound cliché but practice makes perfect. You will probably need a couple of goes at it to figure out what works in a design and what doesn't, what info should you include, what size is the best for your infographics, etc.

Now get out there and create the next awesome, shareable infographic. We’ll be looking for it online.