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St. Louis Marketing Firms Team Up

Blayzer is excited to announce that we have been working with St. Louis marketing firm Cohesion to launch their subsidiary digital practice, Cohesion Digital. Sounds like a dream team, right?

Cohesion, formed in 1999, helps organizations derive more value from brand, marketing, and communication efforts. They really focus on the architecture of a marketing strategy: they focus on the work behind the work. With the help of Blayzer, Cohesion Digital will be more geared towards the disciplines of design, data, and technology. Basically, it’s a supreme combination of Cohesion’s architectural marketing strategy and Blayzer’s web and analytics skills. The combined solutions derived from both firm’s¬†processes will create a new, unique strategy for clients.

The business combination is much deeper than a simple partnership. Blayzer will be sharing office space, ideas, staff and revenue to help boost Cohesion Digital to its full potential.

Blayzer is thrilled to see what heights this blend of Cohesion’s brand expertise and our stellar digital knowledge will soar to.

To learn more about our collaboration with Cohesion or for a FREE consultation on what we can do for your organization, contact us!