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Weekly Twitter Wrap-Up for April 7 2017

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Hopefully you’re able to enjoy today’s beautiful weather even though it is a bit chilly, this is better than the rain we had earlier on this week. We had some fairly interesting topics discussed this week at our Wednesday meeting that are a little bit different than ones we’ve covered before so hopefully you enjoy them!

Let us start with opening night for baseball between the Evil Em… ahem. Sorry, the St. Louis Cardinals and The Chicago Cubs.

Now, this is something that I, as a former psychology student, is something that intrigues me extensively and it was brought up by one of my coworkers, Whitney Wilson. The only reason why this is brought up is because there is a ton of brands and commercials/shows that you remember that never existed.

The Mandela Effect is something that interests me a ton. Essentially, this is a phenomenon that everyone (“Luke, I am your father” was never said in ‘Star Wars’) has experienced in some way or form. It is the creation and acceptance of fake or implanted memories. This is basically like crawling through the rabbit hole and the further you go, the more and more complex and deeper things can get. The most complex and utterly time consuming one is the Berenstein vs. Berenstain Bears theory. The reason why I am bringing this up is because Kit-Kats (KitKats) are my favorite candy without a shadow of a doubt. If I were to be sentenced to death, my last meal would be a pound of Kit-Kat bars so I know for a FACT that there was a dash! Here is a full list of them provided by Buzzfeed.

Finally,  we have some Friday wisdom by the wonderful and insightful Landon Wilson

Well that is all for this week, I tried to keep it short and simple but hopefully some of it is fairly interesting and you all enjoyed the different topics. If you have any suggestions for some different topics, send them in on the comment section or tweet me, @Dylan_Blayzer. I’ll see you next week, same time, same place!