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10 Tips for Better Email Hyperlinks

Email marketing can be extremely useful when done properly. It gives marketers direct access to potential customers and, whether they click through or decline, tells them a little more about a particular audience. But conversions begin with the hyperlink in your email message. If your hyperlink isn’t optimized for your target or your particular drive, the conversion and conversation could be lost.

But don’t worry, Blayzer’s got your back. We’ve compiled a list of 10 things we believe will help improve your email hyperlinks.


Be Specific

Your hyperlinks need to lead to the exact content you’re referencing (internal pages, article, etc.), not the site it’s on.


Be action oriented.

Your hyperlinks should always be requesting your readers to do something like “Sign up now” or “Read more.”


Consider all of the words used in your hyperlinks.

Phrasing is important and can make a surprising impact with your consumers. Tested and proven, here is an article that shows how a change in words led to over an 8% increase in click-through rates.


Use tooltip and hover text.

These give the user a little extra information about your content and can help with SEO.


Play with color or stick with Google’s tried and true blue.

As mentioned in this NY Times article, Google was changing the color of the toolbar on the pages when a quarrel arose about which kind of blue should be used. Google employees chose one shade, but another employee did testing with users and found a greener hue received better results. In order to make a final decision, Google tested 41 shades of blue between the two hues to see which received the best outcome. The current color seen on Google is the shade that won out.


Offset your links for mobile users.

This allows easy use for mobile interfaces. You should include either of the typical touch dimensions. Apple recommends 44×44 pixels, Google recommends 48×48 pixels, but you can also go somewhere in between.


Consider the use of text links vs. images vs. buttons.

Text links are an old school, simple way of linking, whereas images lead to less cluttered emails and a more engaging and attractive way to link. Some email service providers have images automatically disabled, so prepare some alternate text to replace the image in this case. Buttons give an even mix of the two and draw attention to the CTA. You should optimize your alternate text for buttons, too; they’re treated like images and won’t show up with image disablers.


Use tracking software.

This gives you nearly full access to see how your campaign and links are progressing. Don’t use “http://” full text links if you’re using tracking software. The program will think you are spamming, and your emails, or at least the links, might get blocked by filters.


Optimize your destination pages.

They must be exciting enough to capture and keep attention, but simple enough for people to navigate easily. They should also be able to lead users to your website or another strategic link.


Always always always test!

Use the previously mentioned article and Google testing as examples. They could have lost out on clicks simply by guessing what users will like best. You have the opportunity to see how your campaign and hyperlinks will turn out. Take advantage of it.

These are just a few tips and tricks to consider for the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. If you don’t have time or are unsure how to implement these tips for yourself, Blayzer can take care of it for you.

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