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Reputation is Everything in Email Marketing

As the world keeps on getting smaller through social media and online business, constructing a solid reputation is more imperative than any other time in recent memory. In the online world, your reputation is everything. It partners with success and, in converse, success demands reputation. Building a good reputation requires effort, patience, and time. With a positive reputation, businesses begin to see certain advantages, like an increase in customers and an already established trust within the consumer world. On the other hand, a poor reputation will make consumers steer away from your business at all costs, regardless of the whether you’ve genuinely changed your ways.

Email marketing successes revolve around the sender’s reputation. There are numerous moving parts included in email deliverability, and one of the keys is the reputation of the email sender. Marketers frequently forget exactly how troublesome it can be to get your email into a recipient’s inbox. A poor reputation will have your email marketing efforts delivering as spam.

So what does a good email marketing reputation look like? At Blayzer, we know how important this is and work hard to cultivate and protect our clients’ reputation through email marketing. After all, it’s our reputation on the line, too. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest reputation scores according to the top reputation solutions across the web. These scores include:

  • Average SMTP Reputation of 98.5% Across All Client Solutions
  • Perfect 100 from by Return Path
  • Perfect 100.0 MXRep Score from MXToolBox

How do we achieve these rankings?

Here’s what we believe earns Blayzer the high scores:

  • We choose only the best solutions for each client, not one-size-fits-all.
  • We’ve created a proprietary and affordable email marketing solution that streamlines data management, automates marketing, and bridges many of the gaps and limitations we’ve experienced with other solutions.
  • We practice good list hygiene. This means more than removing bounces, opt outs, and inactive contacts. It means starting out with a clean, accurate, and complete contact list. As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.”
  • We send the right campaigns to the right people at the right time
  • We test – a lot.
  • We understand the unique needs of B2B vs. B2C companies.
  • We monitor performance metrics, read responses, and discuss outcomes.

But most of all, we listen; to our clients, their sales teams, and their email contacts.

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