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Great Web Design Starts With Standout Branding

Great Web Design Starts With Standout Branding. Here's How to Start Creating Yours.


When clients come to a company like Blayzer for help creating a website, mobile app, or online marketing program, it’s not usually because they lack in vision, interest, or creative resources. It’s because they want a professional hand to guide them through the process and create a better end result. That’s why so many of our clients start with a Strategy phase – they first need to plan and prioritize the project so that things run smoothly.

Once that strategy is in place, though, what comes next? Every project is different, but 19 times out of 20 the first step is to design or refine some standout branding.

How to design standout branding has never been an easy question to answer. We find it is easier to tackle if you start by breaking branding down into 3 groups:  Identity, Presence, and Experience.



Company & Brand Names | Logo | Color Palette | Slogan or Tagline | Mission Statement | Domain Name



Website Design | Social Profiles | Marketing Materials | Advertisements | SERP/Search Engine Results Page Content



Messaging | Marketing | Sales | Service | Support | Results

Once broken down, the seemingly monumental task of branding no longer looks so daunting.

  1. Identity includes your visual branding and brand identity assets. This means your logo, icons, color palette, etc.
  2. Presence covers how you present your brand to the public online. The biggest piece here is your website.
  3. Experience encompasses all of the processes and interactions a user encounters with your brand. Don’t forget details like business cards, email templates, signage, and sales collateral.

As you set out to design your standout branding, be sure to avoid these common branding myths and misconceptions.

Free Marketing Strategy & Branding Audit

Not sure where to start updating your brand? Contact Blayzer for a free design & branding audit to get some direction. We strongly believe that great branding doesn’t have to equal big spending.