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Twitter Wrap Up March 17, 2017

Hello to everyone from here in Winter Haven, Florida! Gosh I am glad to say I am out of St. Louis at the right time with there being some snow back on the ground the other day and sounds like a rainy forecast today. As you can see in the picture below, I am thoroughly enjoying eating my omelet, bacon, and sipping my coffee on the front patio.

But I don’t want to rub it in as much as it seems like so let’s move on to some interesting tidbits from Twitter.

Speaking of weather, the first post is about the company, Sainsbury’s, and how they created an awesome OOH campaign:

Creativity Pick: @Sainsburys digital OOH campaign matches fashion ads to real-time weather conditions

— Ad Age (@adage) March 16, 2017

What is really cool about this British retailer’s campaign, is that it MIMICS THE REAL-TIME WEATHER outside. Sorry I went “all caps” on you there, I just get real pumped up about sweet concepts such as this one. What is great about this is not only are they showing off new clothes or jackets, they are showing how each one of their new clothing lines can match-up with the weather. Having a cool idea is one thing, but being practical and showing how their clothes can match-up with the weather is what makes this campaign stand out.

Since I am down in Florida for my college baseball team, I want to at least get one sport related tweet:

Today, we are honored and humbled to welcome legendary Hall of Famer Julius “Dr. J” Erving to the #BIG3 as a coach.

— BIG3 (@thebig3) March 14, 2017

The “Big3” Basketball League is a start-up idea from Ice Cube that incorporates former big-name players such as Allen Iverson and Kenyon Martin. This is a solid idea for Ice Cube to expand his brand, as he has in years past, as he transitioned from rapper to actor and much more. Bringing in some high-profile players and coaches such as Julius Erving, is going to bring a good amount of attention to this new brand. They will also have a huge opening night at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn which is also going to attract a decent size crowd. The way they started to roll out the conceptual idea has been fairly decent as you can see here.

Finally, since I am in Florida, I saw a pretty clever billboard ad (which is a lost art form) and I searched through the internet to finally find it since I didn’t have enough time to take a picture.

Now if you do not think this is clever, then I really do not know why you are in the advertising and marketing field. This grabs your attention and is extremely relevant especially in a warm climate state. Honestly, I almost wanted to give them a call just to tell them how much I appreciated this ad. Like I said, billboard ads are a lost art form because when you are stuck in traffic, we all need some entertainment so thank you Four Seasons for making my traffic jam a little bit more entertaining.

Thanks for stopping this week and as always, follow me on Twitter @Dylan_Blayzer and don’t forget to comment and share! See you all next week!